Saturday, 4 February 2012

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I haven't had time to write reviews for all the shows I've been watching since the turn of the year, unfortunately but I simply couldn't let this week's episode of Glee pass without comment - quite possibly the stupidest episode of Glee I've ever seen which is saying something because there have been tons of really stupid episodes from that show. As we all know, Kurt is the avatar of show runner Ryan Murphy and I'm presuming the ridiculously one-dimensional pantomime villain Sebastian is an avatar of some enemy of Murphy's. I really thought the Karofsky story last year was badly handled - way over the top and hammy, very special episode-like. What they've started here is worse and I don't have faith they have any intention of fixing it.

I thought we had all agreed that theme episodes were dumb. Multiple characters claimed in this episode that Michael Jackson was like, the single biggest influence in their life. But wait, I thought that was Lady Gaga or Madonna or some other singer gay people love! Just personally, I believe totally that Jackson was a kiddy fiddler and we are in no way far removed enough from his death to view him in the same light we do Lewis Carroll. To bear witness to all the posthumous fawning from the mouths of the 'kids' was really creepy.

One of the really major problems though is that the quality of acting is flat out poor. Part of the reason is that the show still can't settle upon a tone and I'm willing to guess that there's a lot of really awful direction but I know some of these people can do better. I'm a big fan of how Dianna Agron looks but she hasn't changed her facial expression or monotone voice in three years. A lot of the couple just don't pass the eye test, theya re very, very forced. Sam/Mercedes, Brittany/Santana, Will/Emma and now I'm really starting to feel Rachel/Finn are just phony as all hell. The more I think about it, the more I know that what this show needs is to boot Will and replace him with Eric Taylor. The only reason I still watch is abstract hope that they'll work Mike back into a storyline but I suspect they're done with him.

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Team wearing home jerseys listed in CAPS
(*) = Line Differential

Giants (+3) vs PATRIOTS

Chris picks: Patriots

I pick: Patriots

I thought that this would be the line right after the Championship games in fact I thought it could and maybe should have been a little wider so I was surprised that so many people seem to disagree. The talk all post-season ahs been about the Giants defense but I submit that it is not so much better than the Patriots and they are definitely nowhere near as good as the Ravens. New York's specialty on offense is going deep but I think they'll find frustration going that way on Sunday and be forced into taking more field goals than they'd like. Too many people are overconfident that the Giants will win big which is a big red flag. This doesn't happen to the Patriots. Not with two weeks to prepare and all the pressure off them. I like New England to come out on top, by three or four, probably on the final drive and cement a truly nauseating Monday morning where Brady gets his ass crowned.

Chris: 3-7
Me: 6-4

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