Sunday, 22 January 2012

NFL Picks Championship Week sponsored by Studio Yukupo

Many Americans view China as an enemy, some kind of threat so I really shake my head that the most expensive film in Chinese history is an epic about how white people saved China and romanced their women. Fuck you, Zhang Yimou. for allowing your pursuit of money and Western acclaim to corrupt your ethics and pride. When will the average Chinese wake up and realize that they have 5k years of history and culture and don't have to copy everything America does? iPhones aren't even the best kind of smartphone, they suck, why are they so worshipped? Also why is there this rash of films about white people providing salvation for the helpless little yellowpeople after they've been ravaged by war, such as "Emperor", an upcoming film starring the formerly great Matthew Fox who of course, takes a Japanese lover? It's like the old saying goes, wherever and whenever a film is set, studios will always find a way to make a white guy the star. I was going to post a recipe of the delicious, indeed, sensuous pistachio chicken I cooked last night but saw this news floating around the web and just got fed up again. Maybe it's time to get extreme with some of these fools.

Picks after the jump.

Home Team listed in CAPS
(*) = Line Differential

Ravens (+7) at PATRIOTS
Giants (+2.5) at 49ERS

Chris picks: Patriots, 49ers

I pick: Patriots, 49ers

I could 8-0 now but picked value instead of picking a blowout I could feel in my gut. I just have a feeling despite that ridiculous number that the Ravens are gonna get totally killed tonight. I just don't have faith in that team as a whole going on the road. In the NFC game, I feel as though the 49ers matchup well enough. Winning the regular season matchup is an indicator of nothing as we saw last week but San Francisco did and I think they may have a slight edge on both lines. They also accumulate turnovers like pocket change and the Giants are prone to giving it up. One last thing about the Niners, a lot of people are talking about how legendary a coach Jim Harbaugh is. Personally I think it's more a damning indictment of how little Mike Singletary knew about the game from the sideline perspective. He's now the linebacker coach in Minnesota, a unit that was good in the last few years but this season, the bottom has dropped out with the same players in place. As unbelievable as it is to me that Leslie Frazier kept his job, Singletary has got to go. He'll fit better in college perhaps.

Last week:
Chris: 2-2
Me: 3-1

Chris: 3-5
Me: 6-2

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