Sunday, 9 October 2016

NFL Picks Week Five sponsored by Studio Yukupo

Not to brag but I went 5-0 with my UFC picks last night. Not that it was especially hard to predict given it was such a ho-hum card but with my season of NFL picks careening off the tracks and into a concrete wall, I need something to cling onto so I'll take whatever I can. Once again I stand by my picks from last week except for the Ravens who I should have known were not good after they only just barely scraped past the awful Jaguars the week before. You often forget about the coaches in these scenarios too. It seems obvious in hindsight that John Fox would o̶u̶t̶f̶o̶x̶ outcoyote Jim Caldwell but as always on the day itself you get swept up in non-logic such as "well the Lions are 1-2 but they're better than they looked". Sure, of course they are.

Picks after the jump.

Week 5
Home Team listed in CAPS
(*) = Point spread

Cardinals (-3) at 49ERS
Redskins (+4) at RAVENS
Patriots (-10.5) at BROWNS
Eagles (-3.5) at LIONS
Bears (+4.5) at COLTS
Titans (+3) at DOLPHINS
Texans (+6.5) at VIKINGS
Jets (+7.5) at STEELERS
Falcons (+4.5) at BRONCOS
Bengals (-2.5) at COWBOYS
Bills (PK) at RAMS
Chargers (+3.5) at RAIDERS
Giants (+7) at PACKERS
Buccaneers (+4) at PANTHERS

I pick: 49ers, Redskins, Browns, Eagles, Colts, Titans, Vikings, Jets, Falcons, Cowboys, Rams, Chargers, Giants, Buccaneers

Chris picks: 49ers, Ravens, Browns, Eagles, Colts, Titans, Vikings, Jets, Falcons, Bengals, Bills, Raiders, Packers, Panthers

Super picks: Eagles, Titans, Rams, Chargers, Giants

Every week I keep thinking the 49ers will turn it around and every week they keep proving that a having a narcissistic never-has-been never-will-be "leader" at the esteemed position of backup QB is not the best thing for team unity. At least that's the logic I'm using, the same that told me the Lions would easily handle the Bears. With a little luck, they'll continue to get battered the rest of the season and Chip Kelly will jump ship back to college where he belongs so Colin Cowherd can be wrong about another one of his buddies.

Speaking of coaches Colin was categorically wrong about, Doug Pederson has had a highly impressive start to his Eagles tenure. His mentor Andy Reid was a master off byes and I am gambling that has rubbed off on Pederson. I feel quite comfortable saying he is a better head coach than Jim Cladwell so that's not a matchup that worries me. I don't think Mike McCarthy is so buttoned down though. While the Packers had their early season rest last week I think the Giants will have a point to prove and will not be fazed by the fading Packers offense. They might not come out with a W at the end of it but 7 points is far too many. At least that's what Vegas wants you to think...

It's incredibly risky picking the Titans on the road but that's how little I respect the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill. Their run defense has been atrocious so far which is perfect for Tennessee because apparently that is all they know how to do. They have to win some of their games at some point after all, right?

Rex Ryan stabilised the ship with back-to-back wins including last week's shutout of Jacoby Brissett but badly run teams can come undone on long road trips and the Rams are full of confidence right now. Rex is going to end up on TV down the line so why not sooner than later? Meanwhile the Raiders and Chargers are each unpredictable in the most predictable way. The Raiders still a young team I think will get caught out on home turf against a side not great but still with a bite and a coach and QB with something to prove.

Last Week:
Me: 5-10    (27-35-1)
Chris: 6-9    (33-29-1)
SC: 2-3    (10-10)

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