Sunday, 2 October 2016

NFL Picks Week Four Sponsored by Studio Yukupo

Another sub-par week of picks but this time I stand by them - how was I to know that it turns out Tom Brady was s system quarterback all along?* How was I to know that Carson Wentz is football Jesus and how was I to know that Blaine Gabbert was not a Real American? How was I to know that the Patriots would not be playing the Jaguars next despite the fact I had been reminding myself for months that the first game after Brady's suspension would be conveniently versus the Jags?

Anyhow, while my scatter-brained approach to pick games has not proven to be so insightful thus far, there are a few things we do know after three weeks of action:
  1. Bill Belichick is a warlock. I guess we already knew that.
  2. Gus Bradley is not a warlock. Who will be fired first? Charlie Strong, Rex Ryan or Gus Bradley?
  3. Miko Grimes still hates Ryan Tannehill
  4. The success of the Cavaliers and Stipe Miocic has not rubbed off on the Browns
  5. The Vikings are for real but will still lose in the playoffs in excruciating fashion.
Picks after the jump.

Week 4
Home Team listed in CAPS
(*) = Point spread

Dolphins (+7.5) at BENGALS
Colts (+2.5) at JAGUARS
Panthers (-3) at FALCONS
Raiders (+3.5) at RAVENS
Titans (+4.5) at TEXANS
Bills (+7.5) at PATRIOTS
Seahawks (-2.5) at JETS
Browns (+7.5) at REDSKINS
Lions (-3) at BEARS
Broncos (-3) at BUCCANEERS
Rams (+7.5) at CARDINALS
Saints (+3.5) at CHARGERS
Cowboys (-2.5) at 49ERS
Chiefs (+4.5) at STEELERS
Giants (+4) at VIKINGS

I pick: Dolphins, Jaguars, Falcons, Ravens, Texans, Patriots, Jets, Browns, Lions, Buccaneers, Rams, Saints, 49ers, Chiefs, Giants

Chris picks: Dolphins, Jaguars, Panthers, Raiders, Titans, Patriots, Seahawks, Browns, Lions, Broncos, Rams, Saints, 49ers, Steelers, Giants

Super picks: Jaguars, Ravens, Jets, Lions, Saints

Yes, we both picked the Dolphins. Yes, that was a terrible mistake and I even said that to him going in but the 7.5 was too big to entrust to the Bengals. Safe to say they will be looking for a new QB sooner rather than later. I respect Matt Williamson but that was one guy he was really wrong on and I always agreed with Miko on that one. For their AFC East rivals the Jets I see a win this week. The Seahawks often find it tough traveling east and Russell Wilson is even more hobbled to boot. That almost seems too obvious though.

Similarly, the Raiders are on back-to-back long haul road trips. They got extremely lucky to win at the terrible, terrible Titans last Sunday and the Ravens on home turf are n even sterner opponent. There's still time for that young team to learn but for this week I'm calling a solid L for them.

Another team making a long road trip are the Jaguars playing at "home" at Wembley versus the Colts. Lacking context, I would have called this for the Colts but considering they are roughly on the same, very low level I think there is a difference in mentality - while Indianapolis won last week, the Jags are still 0 for the season and getting in the neck back in North Florida so will be desperate to get something out of this. For me that gives them the edge and the half-point is a big help in that regard.

I don't think the desperation argument holds true for the Bears though. They are just awful in every regard. The Lions are better than their record have suffered a little bad fortune in losing two of their first three. I think they get back on track with another solid performance from Matt Stafford.

Last Week:
Me: 8-8        (22-25-1)
Chris: 8-8    (27-20-1)
SC: 2-3    (8-7)

* I don't actually think that, I was making a joke.

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