Wednesday 25 May 2011

Glee - S2 E22 - Nationals

The New Directions head to New York to compete in the Show Choir National Championships. Will, Rachel and Finna re all confronted with decisions about their future.

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Tuesday 24 May 2011

House, M.D. - S7 E23 - Moving On

House treats a performance artist who has ulterior motives for being hospitalized. Meanwhile he is encouraged by Wilson and Cuddy to deal with his drug addiction and lingering resentment towards her respectively.

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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Glee - S2 E21 - Funeral

Will is deciding on the set list for Nationals but allows Jesse too much leeway to interfere. Kurt and Finn volunteer to organize the funeral of Sue's sister.

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House, M.D. - S7 E22 - After Hours

A former cell mate of Thirteen's arrives at her home seeking urgent medical assistance and Chase is drafted in to help. House attempts self surgery after the experimental treatment he had stolen goes badly wrong. Taub receives life changing news.

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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Gossip Girl - S4 E22 - The Wrong Goodbye

Chuck and co. race to rescue Blair. Serena confronts crazy Charlie and Vanessa is upset with Dan.

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Mad Love - S1 E13 - After the Fireworks

Connie is forced to take Larry to her father's wedding as a date. Jim wants Kate to move in with him.

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How I Met Your Mother - S6 E24 - Challenge Accepted

Ted is thinking of reconnecting with Zoey but Robin and Barney are determined to meddle in his affairs. Lily gets sick and Marshall is worried he will too.

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Saturday 14 May 2011

Community - S2 E24 - For a Few Paintballs More

The paintball war continues as the true identity of the competition's sponsor is revealed. Troy and Jeff vie for leadership while Annie gets caught up in Abed's role playing.

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Friday 13 May 2011

Glee - S2 E20 - Prom Queen

With the prom approaching, the glee club is ordered to perform at the event. Former rival Jesse St. James returns to swoop Rachel off her feet which enrages Finn which ticks off Quinn. Artie attempts to impress Brittany and Kurt wants to make a statement.

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House, M.D. - S7 E21 - The Fix

House tries to diagnose a boxer against his will after losing a bet with Wilson. The rest of the team treat a sickly Linda Park.

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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Gossip Girl - S4 E21 - Shattered Bass

Cyrus and Eleanor fly in to meet their future in-laws. Jack Bass also shows up to plot with Raina. Serena has concerns over Charlie's frenzied pursuit of Dan.

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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Mad Love - S1 E12 - Friends

Tiffany states her desire to leave New York. Connie gets hired as a personal assistant to a celebrity chef who Kate is eager to befriend.

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How I Met Your Mother - S6 E23 - Landmarks

The time has come for Ted to choose between his girlfriend and his career. Barney's job is also on the line as he continues his feud with Marshall.

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Friday 6 May 2011

30 Rock - S5 E23 - Respawn

With the season at an end, Liz goes on holiday but finds her peace interrupted by Tracy. Jack feels lonely without his wife but finds an able substitute in Kenneth. Jenna becomes a spokesperson for wool.

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Community - S2 E23 - A Fistful of Paintballs

The Paintball contest returns to Greendale; with $100,000 on the line, the study group has to contend not just with competition from students, but also internal strife and a mysterious stranger...

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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Glee - S2 E19 - Rumours

"The Muckracker", a school paper started by Sue sets tongues wagging on campus with Quinn, Finn and Rachel clashing over their relationships with each and Sam. Santana steps up her pursuit of Brittany. Will is approached by April Rhodes to join her on Broadway.

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House, M.D. - S7 E20 - Changes

House & co. treat a newly minted lottery winner. Cuddy's mom is back and determined to sue Cuddy and House for the treatment that saved her life. Chase attempts to teach Foreman the secret to inner peace.

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Tuesday 3 May 2011

Gossip Girl - S4 E20 - The Princesses and the Frog

Blair and Prince Louis continue their courtship while a vengeful Serena attempts to sabotage it. Chuck is still unraveling and clashes with Nate over Raina. Dan is wary of Charlie's amorous intentions.

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Mad Love - S1 E11 - The Secret Life of Larry

Larry loses Connie's camera and is forced to track it down. Ben and Sarah have a pointless scuffle.

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How I Met Your Mother - S6 E22 - The Perfect Cocktail

Marshall joins Team Zoey and has a major falling out with Barney. The girls attempt to fix it with alcohol. Ted and Zoey head for a romantic getaway.

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