Sunday 22 January 2012

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Many Americans view China as an enemy, some kind of threat so I really shake my head that the most expensive film in Chinese history is an epic about how white people saved China and romanced their women. Fuck you, Zhang Yimou. for allowing your pursuit of money and Western acclaim to corrupt your ethics and pride. When will the average Chinese wake up and realize that they have 5k years of history and culture and don't have to copy everything America does? iPhones aren't even the best kind of smartphone, they suck, why are they so worshipped? Also why is there this rash of films about white people providing salvation for the helpless little yellowpeople after they've been ravaged by war, such as "Emperor", an upcoming film starring the formerly great Matthew Fox who of course, takes a Japanese lover? It's like the old saying goes, wherever and whenever a film is set, studios will always find a way to make a white guy the star. I was going to post a recipe of the delicious, indeed, sensuous pistachio chicken I cooked last night but saw this news floating around the web and just got fed up again. Maybe it's time to get extreme with some of these fools.

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Saturday 14 January 2012

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I started reading Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch, the Russian supernatural thriller that was adapted into the most successful Russian movie of all time and it's pretty fantastic. There are strong references to destiny and pre-ordained events in the course of the book, partly revolving as it does around the star-crossed love between two magicians, a romance created by a meddling sorceror who tampered with the road of fate. The very tenuous link between that and what's happening here is, is any of Tim Tebow's run as quarterback of the Denver Broncos pre-ordained? There were an awful lot of 3:16 related coincidences stemming from his latest miracle, a passage referring to the most doubted person ever in human history. The answer of course i no, because first of all, miracles don't happen eight times in three months and secondly, he and the Broncos are going to get splattered against the wall this weekend by the Patriots and I am most definitely not saying that in the hopes of putting the reverse-jinx hex on New England. Definitely not.

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Saturday 7 January 2012

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I started losing interest in the middle towards the end of the season and a lot of it had to with the treatment of Tim Tebow. I think everyone gets at this point that he is a limited player but the attitude that nearly all of these pundits and ex-professionals in the media have towards, the poisonous contempt is so brazen and what's worth, they lie about it. They'll invent caveats and qualifiers like, "Oh, I'd love him to marry my daughter, hur hur" which are blatantly hollow and barely disguising the level of loathing they hold for him. The vile epithets spewed by Bill Maher went uncontested. What did Tebow do to these people? Why am I expected to hate Tebow but love James Harrison, a woman beater and steroid user? It's the kind of thing which turned me away from having any interest in the NBA and large swathes of big time European football.

That's why I take such joy in seeing a team loaded with idiots and villains like the Jets flop so miserably. I can't get enough of that - not to say that Greg McElroy did the right thing talking about it. That's the worst kind of profiteering - setting himself up for a career in media as he knows his football career won't get off the ground.

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Sunday 1 January 2012

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Super Early 2012 Projections
It's way too early to even be thinking about this considering some teams don't have coaches, we don't have any idea yet how the draft will shake out, we don't know if a team might lose a key player to free agency (note that it never works the other way; losing a free agent hurts a team far more than it helps a team to gain one). With that said, what have we learnt from watching these teams all year?

NFC East
Basically, nothing. All the teams in this division, even the Redskins have the potential to be very strong but bad attitude from players stymie their efforts. Next year promises to shake out as tight as this one.

AFC East
Depending on their head coaching hire and QB status, you have to like the Dolphins to make a playoff charge - Good form late in the season usually means big things next year and I thought they were better than people thought at the start of this one anyway. The Jets meanwhile will continue to get worse unless we see a seismic shift in philosophy. Rex Ryan talks too much and won't last long that way.

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