Saturday, 1 December 2012

NFL Picks 2012 - Week 13

So far this season, I haven't said anything about the NFL and I find that just plain unacceptable. I think most of it is fairly self-explanatory. Begrudging kudos to Robert Griffin III, begrudging credit to the Texans, credit due for the Atlanta Falcons, aka the Notre Dame Fighting Irish of the NFL.

What really irks me though is the idea that the Jacksonville Jaguars might retain Mike Mularkey even if Gene Smith is fired. WHAT?? Mularkey is just not cut out for the gig. He proved it in Buffalo and for all his nice words, he hasn't learnt anything in his second go around. He strikes me as someone who coaches scared. H was totally unwilling to give Blaine Gabbert the bit, either that or he failed to properly coach the kid that it was okay to take a chance. Either way, the principal reason he as brought in was to drag Gabbert kicking and screaming out of his comfort zone, something he categorically failed at. The fact that now Chad Henne has come out all guns blazing racking up the points and yardage is an indictment of Mularkey's inconsistency. it is no surprise given the shenanigans plainly evident with the unreliable Falcons offense prior to this year.

Couple his failure at the coaching level with his ludicrous preseason declaration that players who discussed their injuries with the media would be fined and you have a recipe for a guy who just doesn't get what being the head man in this era of football means. I don't have the belief that the Jaguars can move forward with this man as head coach and I'm not even sure why they hired him for that position in the first place.

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