Saturday, 14 May 2011

Community - S2 E24 - For a Few Paintballs More

The paintball war continues as the true identity of the competition's sponsor is revealed. Troy and Jeff vie for leadership while Annie gets caught up in Abed's role playing.

Spoilers after the jump.

In an ironic tradition, the third entry into the Paintball Trilogy is somewhat underwhelming compared to the first two. It was always going to be difficult to top last week and honestly, I'm not sure they even tried. Ditching the cowboy theme, they started with a Star Wars theme but it didn't really play out that way; at least the only people who did were Abed and Annie. More on that travesty later. It was more like a take off from a generic cheesy action/war film, underlined by Troy's Platoon pose after he was eliminated.

Jeff and Troy argue about who will take on the leadership role with Annie mostly returning to background meekling. While Troy is all bluster, Jeff is cool and collected, pretending he doesn't even care though their respective plans are the flip side of their approaches. Ultimately, Jeff's assault on the gatling gun is extremely poorly organized with only Britta surviving paint free. Perhaps he really didn't care and just wanted to get to Denny's. After presumably another night spent sleeping in Greendale, who wouldn't?

The controversial aspect of this episode for me anyway was the kiss between Annie and Abed. While they are good friends on and off screen, it still feels like a crack pairing. While Abed has admired her form in the past, and of course there was the infamous scene in the Dungeons and Dragons apisode, it's difficult to buy any kind of romantic relationship between Abed and well, anyone. It seems like in this case Abed was merely role-playing but Annie has a tendency to get swept away with childish ideas of romance, first pining for Troy, then Vaughn, and all of this season for Jeff.

It's hinted that she may have now switched her attention to Abed but he does not reciprocate at all. Abed seems to pick up a lot of girls, but they seem to all disappear never to be seen again. There probably isn't anything sinister going on but it's certainly curious. In any case, he is an emotional cripple with a pathological need to turn everything into a game so I believe Annie will be left disappointed by any attempt to pursue him.

I was under the impression City College was blowing Greendale out of the water regardless. They can't be competing for students, why would CC want anyone who attends Greendale except perhaps Annie and Jeff? Whatever the motivation, it made for an awesomely over the top plot. How about Pierce using the old heart attack trick once again to claw his way back and play the Big Damn Hero, redeeming himself by saving the college? One of these days it's going to happen for real and Sawyer won't be there to believe it.

That is of course, if he actually returns after that pseudo cliffhanger ending, rejecting the offer to return to the study group. I assume the first half of next season will be devoted to bringin him back into the fold. His explanation of why he had been such a jerk is very interesting in hindsight. I wonder how long he and the Dean have know each other. They've probably discussed more than once Jeff at the very least. With nearly every side and minor student character getting a cameo, this was a decent way to round out a successful second season. Let's hope the third doesn't dip in quality.

"Community" airs Thursdays on NBC at 8:00 pm EST.

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