Tuesday, 24 May 2011

House, M.D. - S7 E23 - Moving On

House treats a performance artist who has ulterior motives for being hospitalized. Meanwhile he is encouraged by Wilson and Cuddy to deal with his drug addiction and lingering resentment towards her respectively.

Spoilers after the jump.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, the long national nightmare known as "Huddy" is officially dead and buried under the dust and rubble of Cuddy's living room wall. Love starved teenagers all over the world are crying into their pillows complaining about how it isn't fair and how it was totally out of character, but was it really? A common complaint I've been reading is that this was a terrible episode. I'm loath to agree with them because their judgement has nothing to do with anything that actually happened in it, but I will say that the patient was not even remotely interesting to me, even though her assistant was East-Asian.

Let's start with the ending, much like the episode did. I'm not a fan in general of the in media res approach with the way it ultimately ended, Cuddy and Wilson's reactions to House's actions wouldn't have really fit. I think it's reasonable they could have been cut but then we would have had to wait until next season for Cuddy to confirm she is totally done with House. But I think she always knew that House had this in him and while it may lie towards the outer limits of what he is capable of, I don't feel as though it was ever beyond the possibility. When he turns around the car and drives full speed into Cuddy's house, I don't think he is trying to kill or even hurt anyone apart from himself. He is just so consumed by anger, guilt, and of course, pills that he snaps and demands attention.

The in media res shots serve as spoilers meaning it isn't quite as impactful as it could have been. It's no Cuddy was a hallucination reveal. It does mean, assuming Cuddy doesn't end up dropping the charges like a softy that House will finaly end up where he has been heading all his life - jail. With Wilson also turning his back on House somewhat (Robert Sean Leonard's role will be reduced next season with his theater work infringing on his television work) he has few allies left. While Wilson's loyalty may be wavering I don't think House's has. In his one lucid thought before the creash, he clears Wilson out of the way so he can avoid injury or responsibility. As far as remaining friends go, Foreman steps up a tiny smidge in this episode and speculation suggests he will be the new dean of medicine but I don't think they will ever stop butting heads.

Foreman, Thirteen and Chase had very little to do in this episode. Neither really did Taub who spent most of the episode ducking his (pregnant in fact) ex-wife. Looks like that Superdad storyline won't really take off until next season. Presumably their roles will be expanded next season now that we won't have to deal with half an hour of Huddy shipteasing every episode. It was also good to hear that House's wife/maid is still around somewhere. It almost seems like they had forgotten about her. I'm still processing this. The last five minutes and a few Wilson/House scenes aside it didn't really feel like a true season finale. The tone of the episode fluctuated wildly and the quality of entertainment was inconcistent. While I'm still interested in what next season has to offer, it wasn't an awe inspiring capper to this one.

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