Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How I Met Your Mother - S6 E22 - The Perfect Cocktail

Marshall joins Team Zoey and has a major falling out with Barney. The girls attempt to fix it with alcohol. Ted and Zoey head for a romantic getaway.

Spoilers after the jump.

The one big knock on this show has always been an irresponsibly (if not necessarily unrealistic) over the top approach to the sketchier sides of life including casual sex, drugs and alcohol, the latter featured heavily in this episode. It's mostly played for laughs and while entertainment was derivable, it mostly left me bemused because one handsy incident aside, alcohol tends to leave with me with the hangover and none of the other effects or settings of mood displayed here. The end conclusion, and punchline of course was that beer solves everything - for their own sake, hopefully not imports though.

Isn't the boss seen at the beginning of the episode the one who really loved his dogs? I thought Marshall hated that guy. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. It wasn't all that surprising that the reference he gave was terrible, although I was waiting and expecting a reveal of Barney pretending to be the boss and giving the false reference. Considering all the other pranks pulled in the war that followed Marshall becoming Zoey's attorney in her effort to save the hotel and halt GNB's new skyscraper, it wouldn't be beneath him. His feeling of betrayal is selfish, but also understandable for me facing a similar situation of friends in the workplace leaving. Marshall for his part is insensitive to the feelings of his friend and ready to latch on and lash out in response to his own bad fortune.

Back when Ted first met Zoey, he dropped all his dreams to support her campaign. Of course that was before he knew she was married and was doing it mostly to get in with her... except that now they are dating, so it makes sense he'd revert to that. He does want to keep getting laid after all. However it looks like her continued presence and ambitions are driving a wedge into the group between the Lily/Barney camp and the Marshall/Ted camp with Robin likely to side against whoever Ted is dating just because, and next week looks like D-Day for that relationship.

This episode was good, with lots of mini jokes mixed in amongst more substantial material, callbacks (the cockamouse!) but not perfect, stuttering a little whenever the effects of a particular drink were recalled. I'm looking forward to the enxt two weeks though.

"How I Met Your Mother" airs Mondays on CBS at 8:00 pm EST.

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