Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Glee - S2 E19 - Rumours

"The Muckracker", a school paper started by Sue sets tongues wagging on campus with Quinn, Finn and Rachel clashing over their relationships with each and Sam. Santana steps up her pursuit of Brittany. Will is approached by April Rhodes to join her on Broadway.

Spoilers after the jump.

At this point, it's tough to believe that Brittany really is that dumb; it has to mostly be a subversive act, right? It's put on for her own humor and just so she can stir the shit like she did in this episode, outing Santana on her Youtube show then pretending she meant something else entirely. Playing around with Artie's feelings, having her cake and eating it with Santana then turning round to his face and pretending she doesn't know any better. The motto for this show is to give everything a happy ending so rather than the absolute mess this is and should remain, it's all going to work out somehow with the two of them dating and Artie left in ruins. Or, knowing American television producers, with Tina.

If this show has the depth it wishes it did, Santana would be someone who doesn't know what the hell she wants. She would likely only be so desperate to be with Brittany because she "owned" Brittany and is left desolate that anyone else could be taking up her attention. I would guess Rachel harbors similar feelings towards Finn. Rather than being in love with him, she is love with the idea of being with him. Her obsessive chasing of him is ample justification for Quinn's concerns but Finn's moral center is too strong to self sabotage his existing relationship.

In the second half of the season, some characters seem to have been tossed aside. Tina pops up once an episode to remind everyone that she and Mike are Asian, Puck gets one off color joke, Artie gets one line per ep and Sam was also largely discarded. This week we discover that he and his family were turfed out of their home and are forced to live in a motel room. It feels a little shoehorned in for dramatic purposes, but it gives Chord Overstreet a fine chance to bite his lip and cry. In all seriousness, it's actually a very effective scene when he breaks down after Finn and Rachel return the guitar he had pawned to him. Whether he is able to continue with the club is left up in the air, as it should be. Sometimes human drama supersedes plot necessities.

With Rachel and Finn staking out the motel, they probably should have figured out not everything was as it seemed when Quinn and Kurt exited and left but Sam went back in and never came back out. I guess someone threw them the idiot ball. Will has a lot to deal with, being drafted in to write songs for April Rhodes: The Show. It seems like April got called in by Will's ex-wife, in a complex plot to upgrade his life but the whole scheme with Sue and the attempts to destroy the club are getting really old, as is the NO TOUCHING dancing between Will and Emma.

I lost interest in this episode pretty quickly, the Sam subplot aside it feels like we are treading water with everything else. Basically, "Rumours" was just a filler so a producer could stuff in a Fleetwood Mac tribute. More substantial fare should lie ahead in the remaining three episodes, so we'll look forward to that rather than spend too much time bemoaning the current lack of memorable quality.

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