Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mad Love - S1 E11 - The Secret Life of Larry

Larry loses Connie's camera and is forced to track it down. Ben and Sarah have a pointless scuffle.

Spoilers after the jump.

Half of this episode was OK, the other half was utterly banal. The decent part was Larry and Connie with their usual banter, the way it played out this week is the way it really should be considering they hang out all the time, friendly with an edge to keep everyone entertained. The problem of course being they can't keep it consistent or make up their minds on what's supposed to be happening. It was nice to see Larry genuinely contritious (is that a real word?) for once. I wonder if he let Connie keep the new camera he bought her after finding the old one though? I was expecting right after he got the call about its whereabouts to turn around to say to her "OK, found it, now give me that one back", but it didn't happen. The idea that Larry would be good with kids makes a lot of sense given he tends to act like one himself, as lampshaded in the episode.

The story with Kate and the shower radio however, seemed an awful lot like the "gaps in knowledge" storyline featured in How I Met Your Mother a few weeks ago. Of course they can't call it that or it would be even more obvious that they straight up stole it, like pretty much every single other concept on this show (and therein lies my disinterest in it) so instead they dress it up by calling it a "flaw" which makes no sense whatsoever. Everything they talk about seems more like a quirk and every time they started arguing about this stuff it was just horribly false.

Finally, and they made the same mistake with Brittany on Glee, you absolutely cannot set up a character as a one note dumb joke and then expect her to be taken seriously. I'm talking of course about Tiffany the woman Connie nannies for, and at the end of the episode the bombshell drops that her husband wants to divorce her. Not only does it not register because the character is a laughing stock, but she is also minor, appearing irregularly, and it comes completely out of the blue with no foreshadowing other than her living in her own world and failing to spot the signs with her various obscure anecdotes about life as a married woman.

Ratings were up this week, but it's still not looking good for this show and I can't say I'm surprised.

"Mad Love" airs Mondays on CBS at 8:30 pm EST.

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