Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Gossip Girl - S4 E20 - The Princesses and the Frog

Blair and Prince Louis continue their courtship while a vengeful Serena attempts to sabotage it. Chuck is still unraveling and clashes with Nate over Raina. Dan is wary of Charlie's amorous intentions.

Spoilers after the jump

Chuck's assessment of the Blair/Louis relationship is entirely correct. Disillusioned with Chuck and desperate to avoid Dan, she has been swept away by a conveniently placed prince and once the dust has settled will likely find she's making a rather large mistake rushing into an engagement with this guy who either lacks personality or the actor playing him really is just that wooden. It doesn't excuse the way people act towards her though. I talked last week about Serena's selfishness and her need to claim Dan in spite of the way she treats him. While I support Serena/Dan a whole lot more than I ever have Chuck/Blair, the fact that Serena tries to equate the "rules" in her relationship with Dan to the ones between Chuck and Blair proves she does not get it at all.

Her behavior is arguably worse than Chuck's because with Chuck you kind of expect it. It's totally believable that he would get leathered then gatecrash a high society party, cause a scene then later assault Blair. For Serena, she will often complain about the games being played by others, but she just goes right ahead and tries to sabotage Blair while delivering a gloriously fake smile to her face. One has to wonder though, how the hell does Serena know how to contact the royal princess mother of Louis? In all honesty I would have to guess Serena had that pile of Gossip Girl articles pre-printed waiting for a scenario exactly like this. Though she may play dumb and innocent she can play as dirty as anyone else, going back to her hostile takeover of Constance Billard in season 2.

Chuck keeps biting on the line being dangled surrounding the mystery of Avery Thorpe and the fire. It seems to be confirmed this week that Bart Bass had her killed and it's suggested he paid off Thorpe to keep quiet. There's something that feels false about it though. There might be a few more twists in that tail yet to come, like the investigator getting paid off by Jack Bass or Thorpe perhaps. Chuck's reactions to these types of traumas never change. Nate surely should know by now what to expect but he is so pussy whipped he can't think for himself and 重色轻友, puts hos before bros. He essentially seals Chuck's society death warrant by telling Raina what he knows and she proves to be quite the despicable person herself, yet another one who claims to hate the games played on the Upper East Side yet happily engages in underhanded tactics and unholy alliances.

I'd say that Charlie's mom categorically failed with whatever the hell she was trying to achieve by keeping her sequestered in Florida. Vanessa gets played by her, just like she gets played by all the rich folks around here. Charlie makes the classic stupid mistake of telling Vanessa exactly how she has double crossed her and fills her in on every minute detail of her dastardly plan to snare Dan. She sure acclimatized quickly to having wealth by the way, Serena must have taught her well. I'd like to mark her down for being evil, but she's so darn cute it's difficult. Dan meanwhile is a total sucker and will fall for her feminine wiles hook, line and sinker, put it on the board.

I'm quite curious to see with just two episodes left how the writers can possibly turn it around and presumably reunite Chuck and Blair by season's end. They've written themselves into corners earlier in the season but have had time to come up with reasonable conclusions, but this week, with the cut left on Blair's cheek as a result of Chuck's unhinged violence, it's tough to envision it. Of course, with Jack Bass's imminent return, he'll get an opportunity to look kind by comparison. With the haughtiness of the Royal types seen at the Party of the Week thrown to find Prince Louis a mate, it's also tough to see why Blair is so desperate to be a part of it. There was a lot of OOC in this episode that made it a little tough to watch. As an episode of television it would have been fine, but with the established universe of this show, it didn't ring true.

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