Friday, 13 May 2011

Glee - S2 E20 - Prom Queen

With the prom approaching, the glee club is ordered to perform at the event. Former rival Jesse St. James returns to swoop Rachel off her feet which enrages Finn which ticks off Quinn. Artie attempts to impress Brittany and Kurt wants to make a statement.

Spoilers after the jump.

Much like the Toronto 'Slutwalkers', Kurt entirely misses the point of everything thrown at him this episode, treating it as a personal affront. He is proud to be different and aims to be different but is not ready or willing to accept that there are consequences. He and the slutwalkers intentionally disregard that Burt/the police officer's advice was borne from concern for their safety, instead interpreting it as an attempt to inhibit their sexuality. I don't really see the difference between this and telling someone not to go flaunting their gold watch and cufflinks in a dodgy neighborhood late at night. It's not a prejudice against rich people, it's a common sense safety approach. At some point you have to accept that bad people are out there and must be accounted for.

His election as Prom Queen was inventive (and completely unrealistic) and his reaction to the news was somewhat bemusing. His overwrought response sets his lack of self-awareness on full display. Was it really as humiliating as he made it out to be? This is probably just me failing to understand flamboyant gay men but I feel like he set himself up for something like this and should have rolled with it better. The opposite side of the spectrum is Karofsky who, even though he has now made a sincere apology to Kurt, still is too embarassed to even contemplate coming out. But somewhere in the middle is Blaine, who gets it. He's not ashamed of who he is but knows that certain settings require different approaches rather than Kurt's one size fits all 'take me as I am or you're a bigot who should be burnt at the stake' attitude.

I wonder if come next week, Finn and Quinn will still be together. She has been really harsh towards Rachel in recent weeks, accusing her of trying to entice Finn away, but at the same time, Finn keeps going to her. It obviously comes to a head in this episode with Finn embarassing Quinn at the prom by getting in a fight with Rachel's date Jesse, the former Vocal Adrenaline star. While Jesse thoroughly deserved a punch in the face, it was entirely the wrong setting and whatever he perceives to be going on, it is not even his problem anymore. Quinn has tried to be very understanding up to this point, will he get his head in gear? Right now his ego seems to be running him, much as it was in the early and mid season. With how beautiful she was in her dress, my attention would have solely been on her. That it wasn't the case presumably means he still doesn't totally trust her; surely he's not forgetting how bizarre his relationship with Rachel was.

When Puck showed up in the opening scene I was hoping he would have something to do in this episode, but once again he was sidelined as comic relief. At least he's trying to win back his bad guy persona. The affair with Lauren really has made his stock plummet. Artie gets roped into his scheme to spike the punch at the prom; he is subsequently caught by Coach Sue who marches him off for a terrifying and hilarious interrogation. He does get his wish though; it seems he and Brittany reconcile. It's tough to get a read on what she is really thinking in that evil mastermind brain of hers. Is she really invested in either Santana or Artie or are they just nice placeholders lavishing their attention on her while she bides her time before leaving Ohio to take her talents to South Beach?

I'm not real sure this was a good episode, but Dianna Agron was so lovely I have to give it brownie points for that at least. I heard that there will be another Lady Gaga episode some time in future. WHY? Haven't we suffered enough? I really don't know who next week's funeral is for. There are conflicting reports on whether it's someone seen before or not, or someone well loved by the fans or not. If I wasn't confused by various rumors, my guess would be either Sue's sister or one of Sam's parents. Burt is way too obvious, having had an episode earlier in the season.

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