Friday, 13 May 2011

House, M.D. - S7 E21 - The Fix

House tries to diagnose a boxer against his will after losing a bet with Wilson. The rest of the team treat a sickly Linda Park.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with this episode of House whatsoever, but this "10% of all people are gay" figure is STILL being bandied about even today. Don't people realize this is a completely bogus figure? Actual estimates put the figure at 1.5%, allowing for deeply closeted peopl, 2% at most. Figures estimated that around 3% of all regular characters on network television shows were gay which sounds about accurate. Of course, they are completely inaccurate when it comes to Asian characters. Off the top of my head I can think of only three, Grace Park, Sandra Oh and Maggie. Disconcerting news from the San Jose Rep. where Linda Park will apparently be portraying one half of the most hideous stereotypical couple known to man, old rich white guy x young nubile Asian woman. While rather private and not outspoken, Linda is known to be a supporter of EASA causes so this is strange to say the least. She gets a role as another character of dubious integrity here, playing, what Taub correctly describes as a "slut".

Thirteen objects to tis characterization of the patient, presumably sensitive of her own tendencies and seeing a kindred spirit in Dr. Wendy Lee. Wendy is probably similar to Thirteen, emotionally detached using the philosophy of feminism as an excuse to act recklessly. This recklessness leads her into a relationship with an evil guy who ends up trying to poison her to death after discovering her affair with yet another co-worker. Likely throwing the cast majority of her time and focus into her job, sordid liaisons with colleagues serve for convenience but without due diligence, her carelessness almost gets her killed. It's notable that even though she on her deathbed her parents are nowhere to be seen, possibly dead or estranged. Without family or culture to ground her, she will continue to self-destruct.

I wonder why both Cuddy and Wilson thought Thirteen was the perfect person to go check up on House. Or was that just a story she made up when she went to sate her curiosity? They have been squaring off hourly since she returned from jail and with his prolonged absences from work this week, must have been curious what the deal was. Wilson as usual knows him best, nailing why House is so obsessed with finding a medical fauly with the boxer who went down too easily. For House, nothing can ever be so simple as not being talented enough. Everything is connected to everything else and if one part can be fixed, everything will by association. It's not true that fixing his leg will fix his life, but he is so hung up over it, that's the only way he'll ever be able to see it. Just as with the bet, he is so hung up over his boxer losing, he has to find out why and the fact he was able to is (yet more) bad news for his ego problem.

Also bad news is the experimental drug he is taking to rebuild muscle in his leg, as we discovered with the dead lab rat at the end of the episode. I'm mildly dubious whether or not it has actually worked, rather than there being some placebo effect. He should know better than to expect a miracle cure in any case; if it actually has worked though, I think we can reasonably extrapolate from here until the end of the season. If the muscle tissue is growing so fast, we can assume the growth will continue at a rapid rate and fast growing body tissue usually equals tumors. Tumor ridden leg leads to... amputation? I wouldn't rule it out, in fact I'm now almost expecting it. Was that Research lab in PPTH? I don't recall it ever being visited before so perhaps not. Surely House's reputation precedes him by now and other doctors should know never to leave him alone in a laboratory.

Cuddy chastises Foreman for never having been to a seder which made me hold my head in pain hoping she was joking which it didn't seem like she was at the time. Apart from him not being Jewish, hasn't Foreman's life consisted solely of first being a gangbanger and then being a workaholic doctor? When would he ever have the time anyway? He takes the lead on the Wendy case with House being too busy stalking the boxer around but seems uneasy about it, constantly craving House's supervision and then taking a more studious than usual approach which frustrates Taub who wants to start treatment, any treatment ASAP. It seems like he still has a ways to go before his aloof attitude is warranted.

How quickly Thirteen forgets she jumped at the chance to be in the clinical trials for Huntington's Disease when she is eagerly criticizing House. I suspect it's more the chance to criticize House than any legitimate complaint that she has. Next week's episode seems to center around her again so we'll get to have a closer look at what is making her tick these days. This was a solid episode, bouncing back on form after last week's low point.

"House" airs Mondays on FOX at 8:00 pm EST.

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