Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mad Love - S1 E13 - After the Fireworks

Connie is forced to take Larry to her father's wedding as a date. Jim wants Kate to move in with him.

Spoilers after the jump.

Another crap finale from a CBS comedy that doesn't resolve anything and leaves us on a stupid non-sensical cliffhanger - except with the news that Mad Love has been cancelled, this one is not getting resolved meaning smellslikeadelicounter Larry and emotionalmaturityofatwoyearold Tiffany will be Together Forever. There are many things more disgusting than that, but for the purposes of hyperbole we'll temporarily pretend they don't exist.

I spoke previously about how this show has no new ideas whatsoever, well there actually was one in this episode, but the rest of it barely registered. The "shocking twist" that Kate was already married was meh. Somewhere, somehow they've done this before. Really the entire Ben/Kate relationship has been so damn boring from day one. As I've said before, in a young attractive singles type comedy like this, if you pair up characters too early, all the tension is gone. That's why the other midseason replacement out there, Happy Endings, has no chance to make it to a third season - not to mention Perfect Couple not even getting up off the ground and the unwatchable Better With You also gone from the airwaves.

The mildly different idea was the relationship between Connie's father and his "evils stepmother" of a new wife. She's not nicer when she's sober apparently but that's just the way he likes it and Connie is fine with it too even though she gets the worst blowback from the deal. It's used as a way to demonstrate the feelings Larry has for Connie and hints that the relationship between those two is likely similar to that between Connie's father and his wife. I'm not too sure I agree with this whole "Well s/he challenges me!" paradigm. It looks more like two people being mean to one another all the time. Ultimately nothing comes of it because the emotionally needy Tiffany (still not sure of the exact reason her husband divorced her) hijacks Larry for a kiss.

I learnt nothing from watching this show. I'm not surprised it has been cancelled.

"Mad Love" aired Mondays on CBS at 8:30 pm EST.

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