Thursday, 29 September 2011

Community - S3 E2 - Geography of Global Conflict

Annie wishes to set up a Model UN at the college but is beaten to the punch by her evil Asian twin. Britta yearns for the more rebellious time in her life.

Spoilers after the jump.

1 - A Fake Annie - It was coming

It figures Britta would want to be a martyr.

3 - More shiptease in the opening minutes

4 - Britta should go to wall street

This show can be genius.

6 - Creepy teacher hitting on the Annies (he sounds like Martin Starr)

Could this lead to another debate debacle?

8 - In fact, he IS Martin Starr
for the record:
Georgia - Troy
China - Shirley
Jeff- Uruguay
Pierce - Somalia
Abed - Switzerland
Annie - US
Who picked these countries?

10 - She locked herself up? (In fact, she did)

11 - It's just like the real UN - nothing is actually resolved

14 - Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant

16 - More cruel shipteasing

17 - (Chang is heartbroken by Britta 'going straight') That's kinda cute

18 - (A tazer is readied) Oh man, poor Britta. Those are not fun.

19 - Of course, Roman would know about the science.

20 - (Britta stages a protest in the debate hall) (In Christina Applegate's voice) That makes no sense!

(Chang tazes her and hoists her away) It's just like a romantic movie!

This was a great episode, accessible, with a lot of physical humor. Annie and Jeff's relationship continues to be weird, Britta was adorable in her own way and there weren't too many distractions besides. It was good to see Martin Starr back on a show I like too. This episode reaffirmed my faith in the show and reminded me why I like it so much - It's hard to describe but always worth watching.

"Community" airs Thursdays on NBC at 8:00pm EST

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