Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How I Met Your Mother - S7 E1 & E2 - The Best Man & The Naked Truth

Double bill season premiere - In the first episode, Ted reminisces about the disastrous wedding party of his old friend Punchy. In the second, Marshall is worried that his Youtube escapades will cost him a dream job.

Spoilers after the jump.

I'm gonna try something a little different with my recaps of half hour shows so bear with me.

*number denotes minutes into the show

First episode

1 - Robin has a new hairstyle! It looks wet

3 - Little bit of a low-brow start to the season with the autotune joke.

4 - Do architects really get magazine covers? Nice gig.

5 - Oh jeez not the Barney/Robin thing again...

8 - Yeah I think we can see how Marshall is going to ruin this wedding

9 - Robin's "Truth Voice"? Never heard it before. It's real hit or miss when this show throws in random elements like that as though they've been there all along. This does not fly for me. 

10 - Browns themed wedding - love it!

11 - Jason Siegel would make a great QB

 - Nice cover Lily, as usual

 - Nice use of LeBron as a verb!

- THERE IS NO CHEMISTRY! I wish people would stop claiming there is and force it in just because they like the two characters.

13 - What the crap, this show is not Glee.

15 - Man, I hope this Barney/Robin thing doesn't play out the way it looks like it will.

So boring. Move on from it guys. It was a failed storyline.

17 - Yeah, I know how Ted feels. :(

20 - (Marshall ruins the wedding in a slightly unexpected way) The Finlanders had a good time anyway! Good for them.

21 - If Barney's bride wants to see Ted, well hmmm... Logically there's only one person that could be, right?

Second episode

2 - 12.5% succes rate for Ted, not as good as Barney's 17

3 - Environmental lawyering still? Grow up, Marshall.

 - I wonder if anyone caught Marshall accidentally ruining Punchy's wedding on the Internet?

5 - Two women at once? That'll end well.

- Hah, well the first girl is better obviously, but the show is probably catching flak for never having any black characters other than Barney's gay brother.

6 - Straight Outta Connecticut ? There's gotta be a good story there.

9 - Where do I know this guy from? (Marshall's college friend Pete) I think he was Jackal Onassis on Party Down. Perhaps other stuff too.

- "Oh god why am I telling you this?", haha. I always like when Older Ted pauses in the story like that.

10 - Barnell? Brilliant!

11 - Lenny Kravitz is blatantly the name of an architect.

15 - Why do they call him Beercules when he's drinking malt liquor?

16 - (Lily calls Pete demanding he take down the videos with a blackmail threat) Like that drunk cares!

19 - Doesn't seem like a particularly pro outfit he's going to work for.

- Hah, man, that poor patient. Maybe he was just going method.

21 - Oh my, look whos back! (now with added bingo wings)

The big news is the two new burgeoning relationships with Noora returning to take back Barney who seems to be trying desperately to change and what presumably will be a reunion of Ted and 1st season flame Victoria. It's too bad things are destined to go bad with Victoria again because I really did like her the first time around. Also obviously doomed is the Barney/Noora thing as we seem headed towards another Barney/Robin reunion, and ultimately marriage (Ugh). This show is not exactly the best when it comes to political balance so I'm already feeling nauseous about the environmental firm Marshall is going to work for. Also, this Marshall/Lily baby almost seems like it has been jinxed into some kind of tragic end at this point, I'm worried for it.

I suspect the writers are specifically trying to troll viewers when Old Ted threatens that the story is far from over. Really, this should have been the final season but assuming Barney's wedding is the season finale, and it's at that event that Ted and Mom meet, an eighth season seems a minimum at this point. Anyway, this double bill stumbled a little out of the gate but it was still an enjoyable time building on the cache the series has already.

"How I Met Your Mother" airs Mondays on CBS at 8:00 pm EST.

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