Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Save Ryudo Fund

Please help Ryudo - any amount you can spare is welcome! Ryudo has fallen on very hard times lately and could be homeless within a month. We simply cannot allow this to happen, espcially as he is in poor health.

Ryudo has been a great friend to all of us in the Shenmue Community over the years. I've known him since 2003, 8 years now which is pretty crazy, all things considered, and after we became friends, despite any problem I ever had with other people, I always knew that he was a fundamentally honest guy I could trust.

When I was in my greatest hour of need, someone in the Shenmue community, no, not a community - a family. They stepped up to help me and now I am prepared to do the same for Ryudo. So please help - All forms of payment are accepted. If you'd rather send directly from your Paypal account, please head to the forums and PM him for details.

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