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NFL Picks Week Three sponsored by Studio Yukupo

Last week was a fairly atrocious week for me picks-wise. As I alluded to in my College picks column, it's because I got way too cute with my choices, going off track and against the grain with my selections - but then again, where is the fun in going chalk? Two weeks in I feel like we have a better idea of what these teams are and where they are headed but there still a few out there hiding behind results and performances that look better on paper than they actually were. I'm lookin' at you, Cam Newton. Now noone can deny his astonishing numbers aren't encouraging, but as he himself will tell you, the important stat with him is 0-2. He also has more INTs than TDs so far and in the modern NFL where receivers can't hardly be breathed on without a penalty, yardage is almost a redundant number. We will see, we will see.

Picks after the jump.

Home Team listed in CAPS
(*) = Line Differential

Week 3
Patriots (-8.5) at BILLS
Broncos (+6.5) at TITANS
Texans (+4) at SAINTS
Dolphins (+3) at BROWNS
Lions (-3.5) at VIKINGS
Giants (+7) at EAGLES
Jaguars (+3.5) at PANTHERS
Packers (-3.5) at BEARS
Jets (-3) at RAIDERS
49ers (+3) at BENGALS
Cardinals (-3.5) at SEAHAWKS
Ravens (-4) at RAMS
Steelers (-10.5) at COLTS
Chiefs (+14.5) at CHARGERS
Falcons (+1.5) at BUCCANEERS
Redskins (+4) at COWBOYS

Chris picks: Patriots, Titans, Texans, Dolphins, Lions, Eagles, Jaguars, Packers, Jets, 49ers, Seahawks, Ravens, Colts, Chiefs, Falcons, Cowboys
I Pick: Patriots, Titans, Saints, Dolphins, Lions, Eagles, Jaguars, Bears, Raiders, Bengals, Seahawks, Ravens, Steelers, Chargers, Buccaneers, Redskins

A backdoor cover is certainly possible for the Bills but in our new "don't get cute" era we won't chance it and just go with the Pats to win by ten or more. The Broncos were astoundingly lucky to escape last week's game with a win and will be caught and grounded harshly In Nashville. We talked last week about the backtracking done over Kyle Orton's prospects, well this week all the attention has been on Matt Hasselbeck. Which is strange because when he was in Seattle, he was written off as mediocre, over the hill and various other slurs and slanders. For the record, he's one of my top five favorite footballers of all time although a lot of it has to do with the person rather than the player.

I'm still in prove it mode with the Texans - I feel as though they got to 4-0 last year before it all went horribly wrong. They never really pulled away from Miami who I like in this spot. I had forgotten about that terrible home record they had - what's up with Miami sports fans sucking so much? The Lions are a great feel good story. Hopefully Matty Ice-Pack and Calvin Johnson can stay healthy as they go from strength to strength. One team not staying healthy in the slightest is going to get blown out by the Eagles this week. It's always been a bad matchup for the Giants with all their players so I can't imagine what it will look like now.

The Packers usually have a hard time against the Bears, I don't expect this to be any different. I'm feeling pretty good about picking the Raiders to make the playoffs all of a sudden. jason Campbell is a wrroy, but the rest of their team is very solid. I had forgotten how bad Mike Singletary made the 49ers look. I had said for years they had the talent, they just did not have the coach. They're now the NFC West frontrunner and the defense is good enough to give any team fits, but the Bengals will be a tough team to play on the road on current form.

The Ravens, Steelers, Chargers and Bucs are no-brainer picks. 14 is a high line but at the moment, 20 wouldn't be high enough to make me pick the Chiefs. In the Monday Night game, I don't like the look of those banged up Cowboys. The Redskins are starting to roll and I like their chances of winning the division.

Last Week:
Chris: 5-10-1
Me: 5-10-1

Chris: 15-15-1
Me: 13-17-1

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