Friday, 30 September 2011

Person of Interest - S1 E2 - Ghosts

Reese and Finch battle to save a teenaged girl who has been presumed dead for two years.

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It's best not to get too invested in this show because it is an incredibly stupid show - it is however incredibly awesome at the same time. It looks like it will pretty much be another CBS procedural like CSI and so on with a different twist on it. Reese is a cool guy to root for, he's mostly very serious and talks like this (if that makes any sense) [Christina Applegate: That makes no sense!] but he also has a touch of deadpan humor that pokes its way through every so often, like when he removes the sharp cutlery from wild girl Theresa's plate or when he forges his way back into a bar in the shady part of town after getting thrown out the first time. For an assassin supposedly engaged in surreptitious investigations, he's not very subtle either - being attacked by him literally involves getting hit by a truck. When talking about how Theresa's entire family was murdered by professionals, but it was made to look like a murder-suicide by the father, he admits, "That's how I would have done it." Very creepy, and perhaps an indicator the show could move past procedural into something with more meaning.

For someone who has spent most of his life developing software, Finch is incredibly adept at lying. Just how did he get that limp? Presumably it'll be revealed by way of flashbacks. In this episode, the flashback focusses on him introducing the System in its initial form as a terrorist catcher to a mysterious man (who looks like Vyto Rugins of Angel Pilot fame but unconfirmed) who he later goes on to reveal the true potential of his creation to. Is this guy involved somewhere down the line? Has to be, right? It's implied that people close to him are murdered and the System could have foreseen it. Finch is determined to keep the details of himself hidden away from Reese. At the end of the last episode he admitted that like Reese, and Theresa, the target in this episode, he is presumed dead and that's confirmed with the commemorative bust at the end of this episode? What does it all mean? I'm certainly curious.

They still need to get rid of Detective Carter though, she has been awkwardly shoehorned into the show and it's not flying for me. She shows up at the crime scene at the beginning of the episode and straight away announces, "It's part of an ongoing investigation!" How in the hell would she know that without even having investigated it at all? Her detective work seems to be based on WMG and yet Reese 'trusts' her enough to send Theresa her way at the end? In the context of the show, she jsut is not working so far.

Enjoyable episode, just disengage the brain for a little while and sit back. Actually, this show would make a great Rockstar game. That's something to look forward to.

"Person of Interest" airs Thursdays on CBS at 9:00pm EST

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