Thursday, 10 March 2011

Glee - S2 E15 - Sexy

Holly (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns as a Sex Ed teacher to drum some sense into the clueless students. Brittany and Santana reach breaking point and Kurt wants to know more about hard cocks something or other?

Spoilers after the jump.

What a godawful pile of crap that was. I don't have a lot to say about this episode because most of it did not resonate with me at all. Let's bang this one quickly. I've already made clear my feelings about Kurt. I hate that little douchebag and not the way Karofsky does either. While his whining about being afraid of gay sex because he only cares about the romance is interesting, he's such a whiny little bastard that it's impossible to care.

I never liked the Will/Emma thing and let's be clear, Jayma Mays' character exists solely for Will to get together with eventually. There's no other purpose to her whatsoever. As a guidance counselor, the only person I remember her guiding was Kurt and he transferred! There was a very mild interest in the juxtaposition of Emma as someone who avoids everything to do with sex and Holly who embraces it too readily but not enough was made of it. It mostly consisted of cheap jokes at Emma's expense. Will ends the episode heading for a relationship with Holly but no doubt if he discovered Emma was still in love with him (what a *shocker* that was) I'm sure he'd head right over for her because a) he's an assclown b) the writers are obsessed with pairing them off together eventually.

I wonder how much the Brittany/Santana thing is powered by fan feedback. The writers of this show strike as me the kind who would change their whole outlook to satisfy the baying masses. One throwaway line in the first season has led to the same unrealistic no-chemistry lipstick lesbian couple every show trying to titillate its viewers features. It doesn't end up coming together because Brittany doesn't want to hurt Artie by breaking up with him but herein comes another major problem I've spoken about before. It's impossible to take anything with Brittany's character seriously because of the way in which her mind is presented as working. I don't think it's an obfuscation, that seems to just be how she is written. If it were all a big act, that would make a her a very devious liar and suggest she is just toying with Santana.

If she does end up breaking Artie, I'm sure that will leave him free to snap his fingers and have Tina run over to him. Another week, another noticeable lack of anything at all for the token ethnic characters. Puck/Lauren continues to be gross. Finn/Quinn is official which is nice. Quinn/Rachel shippers if there are any got a nice boost this week too.

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