Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Mad Love - S1 E3 - The Kate Gatsby

Connie is stressed out planning Kate's birthday celebrations. Ben wonders what to get her as a gift.

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So Kate's annual birthday celebrations are organized by Connie; dubbed "Katefest", she's been doing this for 25 years and the results are increasingly elaborate and extravagant. This years theme is '20s , likely Prohibition era. Ben and Larry are invited along and Ben wonders what he should get as a gift. Nothing too big, as they've only been dating a few weeks, but not too small. He comes up with a framed movie poster of King Kong with Kong sitting on the Empire State Building, Kate's favorite building NYC. He scraps this idea after she tells him about how everyone gets her Empire State stuff and she's tired of it. Having heard the story of how Kate and Connie first met though, he comes up with a better idea. When they were 9 years old at school, they each lacked permission slips for the Planetarium and had to stay behind. A lousy way to spend her birthday for Kate - or not, as that was the day Katefest was born, just the two of them together.

Connie becomes an insane driven person while organizing Katefest and Kate is kinda tired of it. Ben tells her she should tell Connie how she feels, but when it comes out, Connie is pissed and uninvites Kate from Katefest... Or Fest as it is now called. This throws a spanner in the works for Ben's plans which were to take Kate and Connie to the Planetarium after the party. He tells Larry to stay over at Tiffany's apartment where the party is being held and force Connie to come one way or another while he collects Kate from her place. Larry remembers that he and Ben were at a Katefest once, invited by someone else where he ended up making out with someone he realizes was Connie. Convincing her under pain of this secret being revealed, he gets her to go and they all meet up at the Planetarium and make up, Kate understanding how grateful she should be for all Connie does and Connie realizing that bigger doesn't have to be better.

Once again, I could do without Larry's bookend narration, he has an annoying voice and it doesn't add anything whatsoever to the show. Other than that, this was a cute episode but at some point, I feel as though I've seen all of this somewhere else before, from the characters to the whole setting. It's not original, and it's just mediocre.Word on the street has it that as far as getting another season goes, it's between this and "$#"! My Dad Says" depending on whether or not Two and a Half Men comes off hiatus. Despite being only three episodes in and of iffy quality, I can confidently state Mad Love is better than both of those shows. That's not meant as an endorsement, more as encouragement.

"Mad Love" airs Mondays on CBS at 8:30 pm EST.

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