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Pokémon White - Taking the Crown

The adventure concludes for now as Jaye heads for the rebuilt Pokémon League to take on the Champion.

The Journey continues after the jump.

But before that, there's some unfinished business...

Three Legendary Dog Horse Things that can fight despite not being bipedal
First up was Cobalion, the useless defensive one which you have to take on first regardless. I trained an Amoonguss for this one, to spore it asleep forgetting about its ability Effect Spore which can dish out a random status if direct contact is made. With Gliscor already approaching Lv 70 and the trio at only Lv 42, it only needed two +6 False Swipes to cut it down. Dusk Balls did the rest, fairly straightforward.
Terrakion was also not too hard, requiring only the same two pokes to trap. Virizion was caught during the day so ultra balls were needed. It's Giga Drain can recover it health so I kept Gliscor out to knock it back down to 1 Health. Despite having a catch rate of just 3, all of these were easier to catch then the next poke on my hitlist.

Volcarona is not a legendary, it doesn't even have 600 base total but there is one just waiting there for you in the basement of the Relic Castle. Amoonguss would get fried alive so I dumped it in favor of Zebstrika and trained a Crobat to outspeed it as well. Crobat's job would be purely to Haze away any stat gains Volcarona got from Quiver Dance or Silver Wind which if allowed to build up, would wipe out my entire party. Zebstrika was there to Thunder Wave it and that's it. One Dragon Rush from Dragonite plus a False Swipe from Gliscor would be enough to get it to 1 HP.
What I didn't count on is that Volcarona is so freaking powerful it can crush your my entire party real easy. With a low level Elgyem sent out first to Synchronize the nature, Volcarona gets a one turn advantage and can Quiver Dance up and knock stuff out before it even has a chance to move. The only one who could avoid OHKO 100% of the time under those circumstances was Dragonite, so I had to keep healing and hope I got lucky when switching Crobat or Zebstrika back in. Volcarona's PP is also very limited - it runs out of attacks fast and will struggle itself to death before you're ready if you're not careful. Despite having a 15 capture rate, it took far more balls than any of the 3s I've faced in this game too. It took patience but eventually, I got one with a 31 Special Atk IV to boot.

Considering how much trouble that was, and considering all my highest level pokes are weak to Ice except Excadrill, I decided to give Kyurem a miss for now. After catching a Paras from the daily swarm, I headed for the Pokémon League instead

Cheren awaits on Victory Road and can be battled once a day. His team is a lot stronger than it is during the regular game - at least in parts. My Excadrill took out his Liepard, but then got knocked out his Emboar. Haxorus is unexpectedly quick and has a variety of moves. It dropped my Dragonite, but Milotic finished it off. Simisage was an easy kill for Gliscor, and Unfezant couldn't stand up against a Rock Slide but his Gigalith is annoying, because of Sturdy preventing OHKOs. I revived Excadrill to take it out and finish off the perennial loser. A good warm up for the real challenge, right?

Elite 4 revisited
The strategy didn't change much for Shauntal - I led with Excadrill to knock out Cofagrigus and Jellicent, then switched to Tyranitar for Drifblim and Shandera. One Surf was enough to OHKO Golurk and her last poke Froslass fell to a Rock Slide from Excadrill.

Gliscor did most of the work against Marshal, with Acrobatics knocking out Breloom. I got caught out against his next poke, Sawk with its ability Sturdy, it tanked the hit and then knocked me out with Stone Edge. I threw out Tyranitar to get a sandstorm going while I healed Gliscor, then swept through the rest of that team. For his last poke Toxicroak, I used Excadrill since it was carrying the amulet coin.

I once again led with Gliscor against Caitlin, using X-Scissor to knock out Musharna. For Silgilyph I switched to Excadrill and scored another easy KO also taking out her Metagross with an Earthquake. I had taught Dragonite Flamethrower which came in handy against Bronzong. Reuniclus pulled a dirty trick, KOing my Tyranitar with a Focus Blast (I forgot about that) so Gliscor came back out to clean up with Swords Dance + X-Scissor.

For Grimsley I started with Dragonite and Outrage knocked out Sharpedo. Krookodile unexpectedly had Outrage as well, knocking out Milotic but it had sustained enough damage to fall to a Slash from Excadrill. Gliscor took care of the rest with Acrobatics for Scrafty, X-Scissor for Liepard and Earthquake for the other two, no Swords Dancing required.

The Champion
The Elite 4 having been disappointingly easy, what lay in store with the champion Alder? I led with Tyranitar to get a sandstorm going, his Accelgor unexpectedly had Focus Blast... but in a change from what had been happening previously, Tyranitar managed to survive with 4 HP! One Stone Edge later, it was Milotic's turn to face his Druddigon. Druddigon managed to knock me out before I could finish Ice Beaming it to death, but Excadrill was able to knock it out. From there, I Swords Danced up, then Earthquaked and Rock Slid the rest of his team back to the Stone Edge. Me the Champion? It was never in doubt. I wonder if anyone will actually acknowledge it in the game this time?

Hall of Fame
Tyranitar Lv 71
Dragonite Lv 71
Bronzong Lv 67
Milotic Lv 70
Gliscor Lv 70
Excadrill Lv 75

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