Monday, 28 March 2011

No Ordinary Family - S1 E19 - No Ordinary Future

Rita witnesses a disturbing future for her family and finds that the danger is far more imminent than any of them realize.

Spoilers after the jump.

Gosh as soon as I saw that Charlotte from Lost was magically revived from the dead, I knew this was gonna be a stupid episode. It wasn't terrible though, it had a few good points. We'll deal with each story thread separately beginning with the incredibly stupid. How in the hell did Mrs X (X is for Xena presumably) revive Charlotte from Lost? Didn't she get her head caved in? Heroes did this sort of thing too and that's when it got really lame really fast, but I guess that ship has sailed on this show. Supposedly Joshua took her to X's lab which is a conundrum in and of itself. It doesn't really sound like the kind of thing he would do after cutting himself off from Dr. King, but confirming that would require re-watching past episodes and I definitely don't want to do that.

Speaking of Joshua taking Charlotte's body away, that's pretty much the only time I can remember a dead body being disposed of on this show. When she kills the OBGYN, she just leaves his body lying in the parking lot. She did kill him, right? It was a little ambiguous but in real life if you whack an old dude in the back of the head with a crowbar, they usually die. She then examines Katie and it's very awkward but I suppose Katie wouldn't know any better. Right now technically, only a few days have passed since the events of the last episode and Autumn Reeser is finally allowed to show off her gigantic belly. How Katie didn't know she was pregnant before now is not worth thinking about because it wqill make my brain try to crawl out and escape. The last scene between Charlotte and X is hammy and not in the good way, but that's a given by now.

I had forgotten that Officer Cordeiro had come around on Jim because he had mysteriously disappeared and was brought back purely to be killed off in this episode. That seems to happen a lot, the Asian detective was randomly killed off in the second episode, Stephanie's rival at the lab got whacked and Amy Acker's character just disappeared. It was supposed to be shocking I guess but the fact he suddenly reappeared and the guys were standing in the middle of the frickin' road talking was a dead giveaway and the end result just seemed comical. Later on in the episode, the rogue cops perform a home invasion searching for documents Cordeiro had supposedly hidden away. DURRR. Why didn't you do that in the first place, dumbasses? You could've tied him and his wife up, threatened to kill her until he revealed his secret safe, then kill him and make it look like eastside hoodlums did it. Much more efficient than a drive-by shooting.

Stephanie had indeed been traveling into the future, and discovers that the army has been deployed to capture her family. What happens is revealed bit by bit, but filling in the logic gaps left behind as per usual, presumably after Jim throws the car across the street, Chris who is in the area tells the police that the whole family has powers. That's why the army is after the whole family and not just Jim because if Jim was the only one caught on camera, he could just say he was the only one with powers and the rest of the family would be left alone, right? I'm not sure if the writers think about this stuff. It wasn't real clear when exactly the glimpse of Daphne and JJ on the run is, but if we assume less than a week, which genius thought the school was a good place to hide, and if they had been hiding in the school how in the hell did they get so goddamn dirty? Were they living in a ditch?

Finally Daphne's story picks up from last week with Chris trying to pressure her into Jedi Mind Tricking for his benefit. This time she actually stands up for herself and in the final showdown with the rogue cop, uses her power for good. A quick aside to that part of it. So there's a memorial service for Cordeiro with loads of cops standing in rows listening to the speeches and this rogue cop is inching through the crowd, getting in peoples way all the while fixing a silencer to his very conspicuous gun. Are you serious!? It was really, really hard to swallow that none of the other cops noticed and even less plausible that no one noticed when Daphne brainwashed him into giving her the gun.

Her crimes against the family are finally revealed near the end of the episode and then we get the worst parents ever pressuring her to wipe Chris's mind of his knowledge on the family just like Joshua wiped Daphne's mind. She wipes his entire memory of her and he's like who the hell are you and why are you trying to kiss? So hopefully, we won't see him again. Well actually we probably won't see him again considering this is the penultimate episode of the season and likely the series. In the unlikely event it's renewed, I still think Daphne is heading for villainhood. I'm struggling to remember what was good about this episode now that I've listed all the stuff that was wrong with it. I guess Daphne and Jim teaming up to stop the bad guys was cool although somewhat negated by their idiocy. Stephanie running through time and then crashing into stuff when she came back was pretty funny, but I'm not sure if that was intentional. Oh, I was eating some pretty good cold cuts when I watched the episode, they were tasty.

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