Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pokémon White - Freeze Badge

Just as Good (Man Utd) vs Evil (Man City) are fated to meet in the FA Cup semi finals, so the fate of the Unova region teeters on the edge of of an ominous wind...

The Journey continues after the jump.

Twist Mountain
Caught: Gurdurr, Cubchoo, Cryogonal
After laying the smackdown on Cheren yet again, Alder shows up to put him down again. Just inside the mountain, the douchenozzle gym leader from Driftveil City is hanging around and acts all condescending to the two of you... again! It looks like they're doing construction down there. The true beauty of this place can't be appreciated until winter, however.

Tying up loose ends
Caught: Basculin, Frillish, Alomomola, Jellicent, Sawk, Crustle, Whirlipede, Axew
Hatched: Larvesta
With Surf under my belt it was time to go everywhere I couldn't before, including Route 17,18 and the Laboratory to the left of Route 1 where I received the egg of a enormously rare poke. Jellicent was a tough get without an appropriately leveled poke. At only level 13, the only one I had close was field move slave Watchog at Lv 20. I PP stalled it out until it struggled itself into low health. In Mistralton Cave, which seems nearer to Driftveil than Mistralton, the legendary poke Cobalion waits... but I'm neither ready or worthy yet to catch it.

Icirrus City
Caught: Stunfisk, Shelmet
This gym doesn't need to disguise itself as anything else because this Gym Leader, unlike all the others, does not come out and meet you beforehand; he really takes his job seriously. That said, he's not as cool (cool, geddit?) as Pryce. All his Ice pokes were felled in single hits by my Excadrill and Scraggy. Outside the Gym, not jsut Bianca and Cheren wait, but also the Shadow Triads of Team Plasma. They summon you to Dragonspiral Tower to the north of Icirrus. Brycen and Cheren immediately run after them. Bianca says she will go too, but just kinda stands there. Coward.

Active Team
Serperior - Lv 39
Excadrill - Lv 39
Zebstrika - Lv 39
Seismitoad - Lv 39
Scraggy - Lv 38
Silgilyph - Lv 42

Seen - 98
Obtained - 74

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