Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pokémon White - Insect Badge

Quick Round Up
I never liked Tiki Barber. I never liked Two and a Half Men. I'm incredibly not shocked that Clint Gamboa got turfed out of American Idol despite by all accounts being one of the strongest performers.

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Pinwheel Forest
I came back here to do some training and also to catch Lilligant, Pansear and Pansage. Lilligant has the perfect storm of annoying moves as far as crushing your resolve as you're trying to catch it goes, with the recovery moves, status attacks and so on. It took much longer than it really should have to tie her down.

Skyarrow Bridge
There is no reason whatsoever for this bridge to be so damn long. There's nobody on it worth talking to and it exists purely so Gamefreak could show off their amazing Mode 7 graphics. They couldn't even put any interesting vehicles passing by on the road, it's just the same truck every time!

Castelia City
For such a large place, it sure felt soulless. This presumably is the power center of the Unova region and it's a completely new experience for a Pokemon game. Split into multiple sections, with all sorts of strange viewing aspects, the first thing I noticed is that this city is absolutely crawling with Yakuza. They're not doing anything, they're just standing around. But they are there, watching you.

There's a science lab near the exit to Route 4, inside a guy will ask you for a specific phrase. It's "Everyone Happy, Simple Connection" and it'll allow you to connect with Gen IV games to send the shiny dogs and Celebi. It's worth noting that Liberty Pier at the far left of the bottom of the map is where you can catch the boat to encounter Victini. I think I need to get some Ultra Balls before I take on that particular task...

Poor Bianca gets picked on again with Team Plasma stealing her Munna. Can't she get a break? Or get a set? After a vastly underwhelming and confusing showdown with Team Plasma, the poke gets returned and it's time to take on the Gym, which is hidden inside an art gallery. There are walls of honey you have to fight through to walk from one section to another - I feel sorry for people who just want to come in and look at the art, they'll leave awfully sticky. The grindingly annoying Burgh waits atop the steps and his levels are very close to Lenora's making him an easy conquest apart from a Lucky Strike he got in on Tympole.

On your way out of town, Bianca has a challenge too but, well, you can infer how tough she is from how much trouble she constantly finds herself in. At least nothing got destroyed during the battle this time.

Route 4
Caught: Sandile, Darumaka, Scraggy

Active Team
Servine - Lv 25
Drilbur - Lv 22
Munna - Lv 25
Zebstrika - Lv 27
Palpitoad - Lv 25
Scraggy (nicknamed Dwight as promised) - Lv 22

Seen - 41
Obtained - 28

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