Friday, 25 March 2011

Mr. Sunshine - S1 E7 - Celebrity Tennis

Ben and Alonzo train for a celebrity tennis event and have a talk about Alice. Crystal discovers Twitter.

Spoilers after the jump.

So apparently Linda from Better off Ted's name is actually Alice, and she was the subject of much controversy this week when Alonzo finds out she used to sleep with Ben. Ben only spills in an apparent effort to 'clear his name' so to speak when Alonzo reveals exactly what Alice thought of her ex-boyfriend. She's referring to someone else entirely of course as Ben didn't really qualify as a boyfriend, but he's so ready to believe that everything said applies to him. That he spontaneously reveals his past affair speaks to a continued denial of his own character flaws however. Ben's grovelling is so pathetic that Alonzo doesn't even feel it's worth chastising him for the secrecy. His argument with Alice almost feels forced as though he's trying to make a point rather than actually being genuinely upset. Ultimately, that's proven so, forgiving her even though she never actually apologizes.

Crystal meanwhile attempts to reconnect with her son, but he's still annoying so I wasn't really paying attention. Andrea Anders has way better chemistry with Matthew Perry than her actual onscreen boyfriend, it's very distracting. Especially as Alonzo is written as a bit of a Mary-Sue at least in comparison to Ben. The argument between the tater tots, macaroni and mashed potatoes was great, as was the attempted piano playing by Ben. Unlike the last few, this episode wasn't awful although the 'twittering' jokes were rather cringe-worthy.

"Mr. Sunshine" airs Wednesdays on ABC at 9:30 pm EST.

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