Friday, 11 March 2011

Pokémon White - Bolt Badge

The fourth gym already? I either got halfway through the game disappointingly fast, or there's a helluva lot more coming up later on...

The Journey continues after the jump!

Desert Resort & Relic Castle
Caught: Maractus, Silgilyph, Dwebble, Yamask
If this is a resort, where are the hell are the spa, the bar and all the hot chicks? It's all just desert, gale strength winds and billions of little crocodiles. Not what i would call a welcoming holiday spot at all.

Nimbasa City
First I hit the subway and don't believe the goddamn lying map, you can only get to one other place from here...

Anville Town
There's nothing here except a bunch of trainspotters. All the action apparently goes down on the weekends.

Nimbasa City again
Poor Bianca is in trouble again. After the two of you go on a date to the Musical Theater, this games version of contests and such I presume, her father catches up to her and is not happy at all that she basically ran away from home. That is, until local gym leader Elesa butts her nose in. Her argument as to why Bianca should be allowed to continue her journey is not convincing at all but somehow Dad is placated and leaves her in *your* care. Speaking of *you*, what's with the PC just standing there silent like an idiot while all this is going down? On The Blind bright Side, they have sports stadiums here! I only saw them practicing, but I've been assured they have actual games here of football, soccer, baseball, basketball and others. It was interesting to note that all the basketball players were black. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin.

Over on the east side of the town there's an amusement park. N shows up, takes you up on the Ferris Wheel and rapes you reveals that he is the leader of Team Plasma. He battles you to provide some sort of distraction but is pretty weak - all his pokes are newly caught from Route 4 or the Desert Resort. A distraction from what, you ask? Well actually... I have no idea. Nothing seems to have been disturbed in the interim.

The Nimbasa Gym is secluded in the Roller Coaster area of the park. With all the neon lights, it's a good thing they're all electric trainers. Elesa's line up is fairly soft. The Electric/Flying Emolgas she carries have a critical disadvantage against other electric types and were taken down by my Zebstrika. Her own version of that particular poke was quickly buried in the mud by Palpitoad and the Bolt Badge was mine.

While you might think the lesson I took from all this is "never get caught alone with a green-haired hippie", in fact, from the dress-up mini game in the Musical Theater, I learnt that Servine looks awesome with a top hat, bow tie and prop cane.

Active Team
Servine - Lv 26
Drilbur - Lv 27
Zepstrika - Lv 29
Palpitoad - Lv 28
Scraggy - Lv 25
Silgilyph - Lv 25

Seen - 51
Obtained - 32

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