Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pokémon White - Jet Badge

I pretty much have just been playing this damn game solidly through the weekend so far. It's got a hold on me!

The Journey continues after the jump.

Route 6
Caught: Karrablast, Foongus, Deerling
Deerling changes forme with the season, but I'm not sure if that means you have to catch a new one or if it changes automatically.

Chargestone Cave
Caught: Ferroseed, Joltik, Klink, Boldore, Tynamo
Clay clears the way for you to get inside where N is already waiting. Chargestone Cave is pretty cool because it's cave where there are no Goddamned Bats! Instead it's all spiders. Bianca and Dr. Juniper are inside as well investigating Klinks, about one of the least interesting pokes you could choose to research quite frankly. Bianca claims to be Juniper's bodyguard, but then who is Bianca's bodyguard?

Fighting your way through involves defeating seven plasma grunts in a row. It's possible to track back and heal with a local doctor, but it's way more fun to just go through them consecutively. You sadly don't get to take on the creepy Shadow Triads of Team Plasma who escort you about, but N does face you at the exit, again with an entirely new team composed of pokes from the surrounding area. He sure uses a lot of different ones for someone who thinks all pokes should be liberated.

Mistralton City
Skyla immediately sends us out of here, so...

Route 7
This is a cool place because it's possible to completely avoid all the grass by walking over the thin rails. Good thing too, because the local fauna are on a sharply higher level curve than the cave we just exited.

Celestial Tower
Caught: Litwick, Elgyem
Unova's answer to the Pokémon Tower in Lavender City is home to Elgyem, user of the Synchronize ability, a most useful technique for catching the nature you want in a wild poke. Abra is probably still better since you can just buy it and reset if you don't get the one you need. Skyla wanted you to help her heal a poke but by the time the tower is scaled, she's already done it! She just has you ring the bell instead, for fun. It's supposed to soothe spirits, but it just sounds like a regular old bell.

Mistralton City
Holy crap, there's an air strip! Was it there all along? The gym is inside an airplane hangar and looks a lot more like a straight-up gym than the past 5 cities. To get from one platform to another, you have to get inside a cannon and be blown through the air. One of the cannons is a little over-calibrated and slams you straight into the wall. Ouch. I only used one poke throughout the entire gym (Zebstrika) and took down Skyla's three pokes in four hits. She's a lot nicer than Clay though, so it's OK. N stops you on the way out and has an interesting conversation with you. If he weren't such a hippie, the two of you could probably be friends. Or, if you picked the female sprite, lovers. With the Jet Badge in hand, it's time for the serious business to begin.

Active Team
Servine - Lv 34
Excadrill - Lv 33
Zebstrika - Lv 37
Palpitoad - Lv 34
Scraggy - Lv 35
Silgilyph - Lv 34

Seen - 85
Obtained - 58

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