Friday, 25 March 2011

No Ordinary Family - S1 E18 - No Ordinary Animal

Turns out Claw Guy is quite dangerous after all. Meanwhile, Daphne skips school and Katie discovers something new about herself.

Spoilers after the jump.

This was a better episode than the tripe preceding it but there still a few too many idiot balls being thrown around and typical villain nincompoopery. Mrs X chastises Lucas at the beginning of the episode for just leaving the body in the forest rather than "disposing of it" and then every kill he makes after that, the body is just left there in the house! What kind of lazy writing is that? You make a point to explain that all the victims are connected to the super program but then don't follow up on what you've established? The worst example of this is when he attacks Stephanie and then doesn't even hang around to make sure she's dead just so she can conveniently be revived later. They try to explain it away with her hyper metabolism, and Dr. King's mad skillz but it still feels like another lazy ass pull.

Daphne continues her slip n' slide towards full fledged villainhood. Boyfriend Chris - as they say there's no smoke without fire and he didn't get a bad boy reputation by being the kind, understanding soul he has been since introduced. After putting up his nice guy front, now that he knows about her powers he fully intends to take advantage of them for his own fun. Daphne tends to get pushed around a lot into doing things other people want her to do as witnessed when she ran for student president, and is easily manipulated by Chris into pulling her Jedi Mind Tricks on the principal to get an early day release from school. Not just that, but stealing money from him? Her actions are getting ever shadier and she doesn't even seem to realize it. Her own selfish desires to take control of her own life led her down the path but her inherent weakness of character is allowing her to get dragged down it by Chris and the sooner she's shot of him the better.

I had forgotten Autumn Reeser was pregnant... until Katie got out of the car wearing that incredibly conspicuous loose frilly top. From that moment on, I just couldn't buy that Katie wouldn't know she was pregnant... I mean she's the size of a house! It looks as though No Ordinary Family writers are pro-lifers though, right? That fetus is sure as hell sentient. What awful hammy dialogue though... Leaving a piece of himself behind? Sometimes the best dialogue is done with the eyes and the camera. We don't need everything spelled out for us explicitly. All that said, she's still pretty much the only good thing about this show.

What was with people approaching Lucas or turning their back on him when they already knew what he was capable of? Just humongously stupid, and why didn't Daphne use her power when Lucas tried to attack her? Convenient time to forget, eh? I wonder how no one at the convention center noticed two dudes jumping around fighting above them. It looks like Stephanie got a new power right at the end of the episode, at first I thought that she had disintegrated and died, then they showed the wormhole type thing, and I figured it was teleportation. The title of the next episode suggests it's time travel, but it was very oddly handled. It's too bad that a) the writing is so bad for this show and b) it's set to get canceled with Chiklis and Julie Benz already signed up to pilots as insurance for themselves. This show would have potential otherwise.

"No Ordinary Family" airs Tuesdays on ABC at 9:00 pm EST.

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