Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pokémon White - Legend Badge

My advice to you; don't start reading TV Tropes because you will never flipping stop, even when you have better things to do!

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Dragonspiral Tower
Caught: Sawsbuck, Mienfoo, Druddigon, Golett
Brycen and Cheren have gone upstairs. Juniper Sr. is downstairs and Bianca shows up and chickens out, staying with him while you ascend. This is a pretty cool building, it's too bad nothing that happens in here makes even the slightest bit of sense. N somehow befriends Reshiram and then rides him into the sunset like he's a giant demonic unicorn. What's with all this fighting against flunkies too, when do we get to fight some real villains?

Relic Castle
Caught: Cofagrigus, Krokorok
Cheren and Alder have rushed off downstairs and when you reach the bottom, Ghetsis (what the hell kind of name is that anyway) is lecturing/taunting him about some poke of his that died a long time ago. There's not really a lot going on here that makes much sense but one thing that ticked me off is that Ghetsis started making fun of how useless Bianca is. Hey!!! Only I'm allowed to do that! Leave the poor girl alone!

Nacrene City
Lenora gives you the Dark Stone from the museum, it's what you were looking for at the Relic Castle but it was here all along. Nobody saw that coming. Durr.

Route 8 & Moor of Icirrus
This place was damn annoying, it seemed like encounter rates in the swamps were through the roof and by the time I hit the next part, the health of my squad was completely sapped.

Tubeline Bridge & Route 9
Caught: Duosion, Garbodor, Pawniard, Reuniclus
Duosion was unreasonably difficult to catch, taking around ten ultra balls despite being paralyzed and in red health. By contrast it's evolved form Reuniclus took just two. There is practically nothing in the mall on this route you can buy that you can't get in the Pokémon Center by the way.

Opelucid City
I'm sure it's more sophisticated than that, but the name of this city made me think "opulent" and it really is nice in design. The gym is particularly awesome, with three mechanical dragons forming the pathway. The leader, Iris lives in town with her father Drayden, the mayor. He relates some exposition to you that makes little to no sense, just nod along and say "Yes". In battle, I swept aside the first two of Iris's pokes fairly comfortably with Scrafty, but then out came that goddamned Haxorus. With the +2 attack stat from Moxie I thought I could kill it with one Hi Jump Kick but there was the faintest sliver of health left. Hax used Dragon Tail, switching Scrafty out. She proceeded to use a Hyper Potion and then Dragon Dance up while I feebly attempted to break its defenses. It was only through sheer luck after Scrafty, Zebstrika and Silgilyph had been knocked out that Serperior managed to chip away the final resistance. With the Legend Badge finally in hand, my work on this plane is complete. Time to head for the Pokémon League!

Active Team
Serperior - Lv 42
Excadrill - Lv 44
Zebstrika - Lv 42
Seismitoad - Lv 42
Scrafty - Lv 44
Silgilyph - Lv 44

Seen - 111
Obtained - 85

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