Thursday, 17 March 2011

Glee - S2 E16 - Original Song

The club scrambles to write original songs in time for Regionals. Quinn and Rachel clash over Finn.

Spoilers after the jump.

Is Quinn really in love with Finn or is he just a "safe" option for her? Given the rather unsubtle way this show is written it seems like it'll eventually turn out to be the latter, but at least her expectations are more grounded in reality than Rachel's flighty ill-defined fantasies. Quinn has her own child-like qualities as evidenced by her desire to be crowned prom queen, but for the most part acts in the way she imagines professional adults to act, but Rachel is ruled entirely by her childish impulses. It's from here she draws the emotion she needs to write her song and it's this side of her which Finn, something of a man-child himself, is drawn to. The Quinn/Rachel showdown was awesome and superbly acted. I'm on Quinn's side though a large part of that is just because I super-dig Diana Agron.

There's sadly not a lot else good I can say about this episode. Half of it was all about Kurt and Blaine and the stupid canary dying. Blaine kissed him which I'm sure nobody saw coming. I don't know if Darren Criss's voice is that much better, but it just hits my ear a lot better than Chris Colfer's. I wonder if they recognize this in the show where Kurt is just a minor member of the Warblers. His promotion right before Regionals felt like a really awkward plot device. Now that Dalton lost and the boys have hooked up, I'm rooting for him to get written out, although it plainly won't happen.

Sue's move to Aural Intensity set up the New Directions being forced to use original songs, but otherwise it just seemed like a waste of time. That's another character who kinda feels like they've run their course. Time to either find a new villain or change her role. How typical of her though to engineer her set to pander to the judges. Speaking of those judges, gosh. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it when writers inject their politics into their shows like this so brazenly. Comparing the attack on Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin in this episode to the masterfully subtle deconstruction of George W. in the Mad Men episode "Nixon vs Kennedy" made me want to vomit in my mouth. There wasn't even the faintest hint of balance or the understanding that politicians of this nature are popular for reasons that go beyond your own perceived prejudices.

The original songs were great and it's awesome that they're finally starting to use some. It's too bad that Kurt interrupted one to point out "Hey! It's an original song!" What a mood killer. Now that the New Directions are headed to Nationals, I wonder if they'll write some more. They sure have gotten a lot of mileage making fun of Chord Overstreet's gigantic mouth, the poor guy. The good parts of this episode were totally ruined by the bad parts, so I can't mark it highly.

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