Monday, 7 February 2011

Miscellaneous curiosities from the weekend

Apparently it was my birthday yesterday. James paid a very pretty and apprehensive looking young artist named kinno-nabi to do a sketch of me. Thanks!

I came home yesterday to find that Waterstones Luton had been closed down. Disaster! That was my favorite store in the area. I had heard that some of their outlets were being shut down but it never occurred to me that included my local. 101 Computer Games is gone and Baronjon is about finished too. If HMV goes (they're owned by the same group as Waterstones) there's a possibility I might never go into the town centre again. Well, that's not even remotely true but it sounds a lot more dramatic that way.

I'm not sure exactly when it closed down, I hadn't been there in a week. I avoided the Arndale on Saturday with the EDL and various counter-protesters and anarchists in the area. In the end, the apocalypse predicted by the Guardian, shopkeepers boarding up their windows and the terrified girl who I walked with to her work for protection never came to pass - the police presence was too well organized and the turnout was a lot less than anticipated. Thank Heavens!

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