Sunday, 20 February 2011

Thia Megia and EASA

EASA - Or the East Asian Solidarity Alliance is something I made up just now and plan to use arbitrarily to illustrate certain points. It's a general union of all people of East-Asian ethnicity who are proud to be so. Birth grants you automatic membership, transgressions can lead to me exiling you damn traitors. Complicated cases are settled at my discretion as I'm the only one who recognizes this as a real thing under my criteria. If you have a better acronym, feel free to apply. More details after the jump. It mostly consists of highly offensive ramblings though. Now we have that out of the way, I am pleased to declare Thia Megia officially EASA approved!

Member states are: China, Korea (because it's just one country artificially separated), Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Burma, Mongolia and the Philippines. Nepal, Bhutan and various former Soviet states are wait-listed pending further investigation. Taiwan is not included on the list because it's a part of China, fuck you white imperialists who try and brainwash citizens of the island into thinking otherwise. Indonesia is not included because Indonesians are bastards. Pacific Islanders will not be considered for inclusion until Grace Park gets an EASA approved boyfriend on Hawaii Five-0. Malaysia could be questionable because it's an Islam country but that's where I'm part from so it's in, end of story. The Philippines could also be questionable for a multitude of reasons, but since that is where three American Idol 2011 contestants can claim heritage from, we'll give them a pass.

The only western born East-Asian I can think of who has gained any modicum of success in the west is Rachael Yamagata who is not even all that well known. Utada Hikaru doesn't count as she's only famous outside of Japan because of Kingdom Hearts. If Thia Megia, Monique de Los Santos or particularly Clint Gamboa can advance far into the competition it would certainly be a boon for EASA. However, Gamboa is already being painted as a villain and without knowing her, most people would likely assume de Los Santos to be Hispanic. Megia is likely the one with the most potential and as a fifteen-year-old female, I'd expect her to get more fair shake at the wheel than the shameful treatment John Park received a year ago.

Park of course wowed Shania Twain with his ability and was clearly one of the most talented performers in the contest but was afforded minimal air-time and I believe was deliberately sabotaged by the judges before the phone voting opened because they would rather have had drink-driving heartthrob white guys on the main show than an Asian guy. In the Korean equivalent of the show later that year, he finished as the runner-up and considering the quality of American Idol's runner-up that year I don't feel as though my accusations lack merit. It will be easier for Western audiences to accept an EASA female first. Given her youth and potential to be corrupted, her long-term worth is questionable  and who knows how she will perform once she is under the lights but for now at least, it would represent a big step up for her to succeed so I hope that you will vote for her and also while you're at it, buy some of Rachael Yamagata's albums!

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