Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday notes - Pokémon and John Morgan

Fellow UK pokémaniacs should note that a shiny Raikou is available for download over wi-fi for all 4th generation games until February 13th. All three legendary dogs or cats or whatever the hell they're supposed to be will eventually be released in successive weeks and when transferred to the upcoming 5th generation games, they'll unlock something called a "Zoroark". So make sure you get yours before it's too late!

For about four and a half years now I've been frequenting Field Gulls the definitive place to be for all things Seattle Seahawks. After the Super Bowl, the owner and lead writer on the blog made a rather cryptic post and logging on this morning, my worst fears were confirmed. John Morgan had stepped down and will no longer write for the site.

I'm still a little devastated. Along with Bill Simmons, John is my idol as far as Internet columns are concerned. He has an incredible attention to detail, and fills his posts with such intelligence. He is a true fan who writes from the heart and never writes anything he doesn't truly believe in. The Seahawks fandom won't quite be the same without him leading the charge. No one is quite sure at this point what his plans are, but hopefully we'll see him back writing again soon and maybe, just maybe he'll get the mainstream recognition he deserves.

One final note, I am boycotting the new BBC show "Outcasts". Even though it sounds like it's right up my alley concept-wise, one of its stars Eric Mabius had the temerity to diss Lost while promoting it. Says he, "I felt Lost was too overt. I never really bought into it and I think this is more of a fully realised show." This from a guy who was in Ugly Betty. What the hell is wrong with people? Is he trying to be controversial, separate himself from the pack or something stupid like that? Lucky for him he wasn't standing near me when I read that or I would've caved his head in with a shovel and then eaten his eyeballs.

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