Tuesday, 8 November 2011

2 Broke Girls - S1 E8 - And Hoarder Culture

Caroline gets a day job clearing a hoarder's apartment and Max tags along to help. Max is invited out to tag buildings with her crush Johnny.

Spoilers after the jump.

Hoarders 3D - The Experience
The banter between the two lead girls is well done and natural as usual - Max's ribbing about Craiglist jobs and a faceless Caroline are jibes I would make though in perhaps a less animated fashion. Her glee upon discovering the contents of the apartment are well founded when you consider what she's actually seeing is piles and piles of money from saleable goods. It's questionable whether it's her own thought process rather than Caroline's prompting. It's possible she merely enjoys seeing her favorite reality show brought to life. Given the voice of the hoarder is dismebodied, presumably unable to move under his own weight, two of her favorie things are present - hoarders and people who can't fit through doors.

It is like Romeo and Juliet - and now I'm going to go home and kill myself
So it turns out Johnny has a boyfriend and while after discovering this, Max does her usual turn and hide from problems routine, Caroline is right - she's hoarding her feelings and needs to confront the fact that Johnny led her on and isn't really the great guy she thought. He comes in with a bevy of excuses but none of them should wash - none of it changes the fact he knew what he was doing and Caroline is too quick to forgive him - if he could prance around the back of his classy black, British girlfriend, what would he do behind the back of the lower rent Max? She already had to kick out one guy who was stepping out on her.

Earl was annoying as usual. I'd be curious about Oleg if all of his shtick was a put-on, almost like he has built a persona for himself and it would be a disappointment for the facade to slip now. Han's elaborate NBA worthy handshake with Johnny was cute though. Good, solid episode again and a doubling of the cupcake pot to boot.

"2 Broke Girls" airs Mondays on CBS at 8:30 pm EST

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