Monday, 21 November 2011

Dexter - S6 E8 - Sin of Omission

Travis tries to lead a normal life but continues to be hounded by Gellar. Deb is picking up his trail and also must deal with Dexter's unwillingness to open up.

Spoilers after the jump.

With the parallel between Travis and Dexter established, the direction the Travis/Lisa story took and the brief reappearance of Brian, the endgame is firmly set in place now for a falling out of major proportions between Dexter and Deb. Maybe she will be the on chasing him down?

I'm more convinced than ever that Gellar is a figment of Travis's imagination, despite everyone looking for him constantly. It's way too convenient that everyone seemed to just miss spotting him, particularly as he made his escape from the church as Dexter showed up. the kicker was Travis seeing Deb leaving his sister's place. Gellar cites the police visit as the reason Lisa had to go, but how would he know that?

Lisa notes that their parents died at an early age but i don't think mentioned how. in any case, it leaves a void in Travis's life. While his sister occupies a motherly role, Gellar became a father figure, a mentor much like Harry Morgan. If Gellar is truly not in the picture, we may speculate that his disappearance or death created a schism in Travis's psyche causing him to develop split personalities.

What a disappointment that Lisa was made to be the Whore of Babylon and murdered - now, we might never find those answers. Nor was she in enough scenes to develop a distinct image of her life. It's curious to note though that she is perturbed and suspicious when Deb comes asking questions, but Deb never seems to even come close to suspecting anything of Dexter.

Other business; apparently, whoever is in charge realized how useless Laguerta is and has concocted a bizarre storyline for her involving a cover-up. Hasn't she been watching the news lately. She should know those never go well. Batista scares Lewis away from his sister. What a jackass. Also, how lily-livered is Lewis for not at least trying to talk to Jamie about the doubts put in his mind?

This one was OK. I saw though that the series has been renewed for two more seasons. Two! I'm not sure it has legs and I'm not sure they know where they're going this season. That'll be a train wreck coming up.

"Dexter" airs Sundays on Showtime at 9:00pm EST.

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