Friday, 25 November 2011

NCAA College Football Picks Week 13

Despite all appearances to the contrary, there are people out there more insufferable than SEC homers. For example:

- Bill Maher
- Joy Behar
- Trent Dilfer
- Merrill Hoge
- Jason Whitlock
- All the other humps rooting for Tim Tebow to fail
- Everyone squatting at an Occupy movement event
- Environmentalists
- People who don't appreciate how awesome a public holiday in the middle of November is, I'd be a way better American than them.

The important thing to remember is that while the SEC is 1-2-3, 4 through 12 are no great shakes. If an SEC fan starts yapping about Georgia and the conference strength in depth, remind them that they got the crap kicked out of them by Boise State. How can we judge them when they're playing Furman? They're gonna finish 4-5 in their bowl games. We'll call it a moral victory.

Picks after the jump.

Week Thirteen
Home Team listed second in CAPS
vs = Neutral Site game
(*) = Line Differential
[*] = National Ranking

[8] Houston (-3.5) at Tulsa
[3] Arkansas (+11.5) at [1] LSU
[13] Georgia (-6) at Georgia Tech
Ohio State (+7.5) at [17] Michigan
[2] Alabama (-21) at Auburn
[6] Virginia Tech (-4) at [24] Virginia
[20] Penn State (+15) at [15] Wisconsin
[18] Clemson (+4) at [14] South Carolina
[23] Notre Dame (+7) at [4] Stanford
UCLA (+14.5) at [10] USC

Chris picks: Tulsa, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Clemson, Notre Dame, UCLA cause I'm mad at USC

I pick: Houston, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama, Virginia Tech, Penn State, South Carolina, Stanford, USC

A lot of people picked Tulsa but I didn't see it; Houston has been unstoppable in Conference USA regularly dropping anywhere from 45 to 70 points on teams. 11.5 seems too big for an LSU team now lead by Knucklehead Jefferson. I'll take my chances with the Razorbacks. Georgia Tech is not particularly predictable but the Bulldogs have been strong for weeks in shutting down these one-dimensional teams.

Michigan has been more spectacular looking than the Buckeyes this year but 7.5 is way too high. I remember what that Michigan State game looked like. Auburn has gone into the tank against superior teams lately.It may be the Iron Bowl, but Alabama is out for blood. Virginia has surprised people this year but I don't see them upseting Tech. Penn State has been tough on defense and Wisconsin has cooled off in recent outings. 15 is a littlelong, even in Madison.

Clemson really Clemson'd themselves hard last week. South Carolina bleeds opponents to death and the Tigers won't be able to take the pressure. Notre Dame has played well against most of their opponents but Stanford is a terrible matchup. Away from home, theya re gonna get killed. As will UCLA - USC is just far superior.

Last week:
Chris: 3-7
Me: 5-5

Chris: 43-75-2
Me: 62-56-2

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