Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ringer - S1 E7 - Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?

Shivette reveals the existence of Bridget to Andrew and Henry as all three are hauled in for questioning over Gemma's disappearance. Malcolm escapes Bodaway's crew and makes his way east while Juliet gets caught up in more trouble than she bargains for.

Spoilers after the jump.

This episode was really more setting up for future payoffs, although there were some developments, really so much happened in the lives of the characters that paradoxically, nothing really changed all that much for them. Both Henry and Andrew are upset and angry that Siobahn never bothered to mention the existence of Bridget prior to being prepped by Shivette on their forthcoming questioning, but they are left with little time to think about it. Henry is preoccupied with wallowing in grief, drinking himself into oblivion and neglecting his two sons who we still haven't seen hide nor hair of.

I nearly misspelt hair as heir though that would be appropriate in reference to Andrew who is about to discover that he does not have one - Bridget is forced to undergo an ultrasound after fainting at the launch party for Gemma's new building which will reveal at the start of the next episode that there is no bun in her oven. Judging by the title of that episode, "Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead", she will try and play it off as a mysterious miscarriage retaining her secret identity for the time being.

Andrew is also having significant problems with daughter. While she makes a conscious effort to be more responsible, it's still barely excusable she ended up in the situation that she does. Wound up by the Bridget revelation and questioning, he unleashes the full force of his fury on his daughter, cutting her off financially. I am sure Juliet will find some way to blame this on Siobahn but it's time to heed some of the advice she receives from her elders. She seems to fear her father, having called out Mr. Logan Echolls after her accident, a tête-à-têtewith the teacher is clearly required.

Malcolm finally escapes from some fairly inept henchmen, the force of his will carrying him to New York. Macawi lets him go, hoping he'll lead them to Bridget and by some unexplained TV magic, he not only is able to track her down to the building party, he is allowed in. Bridget is so shocked to see him, having been informed by Machado that he was probably dead, that she faints. Lord knows what will happen when Siobahn eventually returns. Despite having been warned that he has been followed to New York, Malcolm goes ahead and helps Bridget to hospital, perhaps working on the assumption that Macawi will assume she really is Siobahn. Or alternatively, so lovesick after an ill-advised night of passion back when Bridget was still wearing her hooker outfit.

One of Siobahn's henchmen is talking to her on a mobile line about his disposal of Gemma, it's still not clear whether she is dead or merely spirited away. Motive is also unclear. Frankly, I'm still dissatisfied with that entire thread of the story. It's developing a little too sluggishly and infrequently. Not a particularly memorable episode, this. I hope I am right and we do get a lot of payoff after sitting through it.

"Ringer" airs Tuesdays on the CW at 9:00 pm EST.

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