Friday, 4 November 2011

Community - S3 E6 - Advanced Gay

After discovering his moist towelettes are a huge hit with the gay community, Pierce endeavors to exploit the market for profit. Meanwhile Troy's mechanical skills are gaining him recognition from tradesmen.

Spoilers after the jump.

If Mexicans were buying his wipes, he'd be riding in on a donkey
Pierce refuses to allow moral objections to get in the way of profiteering, in some ways making him more ruthless than his tyrannical father Cornelius. When he poses for questionable photos with gay supporters, some might ask if he knows what he is doing, but let's be real, he always knows what he is doing. He is on surprisingly good behavior at the party later in the episode, a party to which Dean Pelton (thankfully) was wearing a lot more than I expected.

I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at animal cruelty!
Cornelius, who everyone including me is surprised is actually alive, of course once cast an actor to play his son such was his eternal disappointment in Pierce. I was disappointed that his views, a very broad caricature of a southern white supremacist, were not some kind of in-character act or exaggeration because dudes that welathy usually know how to put on a show for the 'lower classes'. When confronted with something like that, it feels like having your head pounded on the Anvil of the Void, white bad, everything else good!

Edible Oedipal
I couldn't figure out what the hell Britta was talking about until the very end of the episode so I might have to go back and watch it, her assertions regarding Jeff are no secret - everyone knows what he is thinking except, apparently, himself. His accidental murder of Cornelius may go some way to healing that, perhaps having built up in his head over time a picture of his own father that came to embodied by Pierce's. Significantly, it seems one of Jeff's barely spoken desires is to be a father himself, the ultimate proof that he is not like the man from whose loins he hath sprung.

Spaceman Paninis and Black Hitler
Troy's very cinematic introduction to the world of air conditioning repair was fascinating. We were introduced last season to his plumbing skills in a Good Will Hunting parody - if anyone knows what was being homaged here, I'd love to know. I make a point of noting in other shows how they cannot go mixing the serious with the absurd, but the absurd works just fine in the rules laid out for this show. The question is not why is there an astronaut making paninis, the question is why isn't there?

Good episode, apart from Cornelius Hawthorne, though that was salvaged with his killing. Dean Laybourne has zeroed in on Troy and his compound coil fracture sealing abilities, and will no doubt attempt to sever him from the group in future episodes. Troy might become more receptive considering his antics with Abed appear to be costing him cred with the ladies.

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