Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gossip Girl - S5 E8 - All the Pretty Sources

Ivy and Max have a showdown over her identity. Nate hatches a plan to out Gossip Girl's anonymous tipsters but is dissuaded by Serena.

Spoilers after the jump.

Seems like Dan's drunken ramblings had a different effect than he intended - reignited that flame between Chuck and Blair just at the right time. He supposedly went to the bridal shower mumbling about Serena, so why did he end up talking to Blair? He's just a hopelessly drunk romantic I suppose. Chuck advises him to be a man of action rather than sitting alone at home but it seems he needs more practice. As for Chuck, I think I'd much prefer him to live life for himself. I spoke previously about how I was ambivalent about the Blair/Chuck relationship and my feelings haven't changed, only now she is going in the other direction - more petulant by the day.

Ivy/Charlie is in a hole dug by her own lies and Carol is not offering support. She does a great job bailing herself out when Max shows up at the van der Woodsen apartment (How did he even get up there? They just let random dudes wak in?) but it doesn't stick because he's apparently obsessively hoarding her stuff and dragging it around the country and determines the truth of the matter. His demands are not reasonable. He feels betrayed but he did once love her, no? Asking for more than the $50k she offered to him is fine enough but if you're serious about receiving it, you can't up it all at once.

Meanwhile van der Bilt Sr's amazing plan all along was apparently about building Nate into a media tycoon - what an awfully contrived and circuitous route it took. What, other than stupid familial pride makes him think Nate is ready for something like that. Diana doesn't want to come out and say it, but she can see that he's way too dumb. She's gone for now but will presumably be back sooner rather than later to reveal this big secret she shares with van der Bilt. I won't be sad to see her go though, I pretty much disliked the character from the first moment she showed up on the screen. Something about ehr never fit with the rest of the show.

Blair boots Louis away from the shower after he's forced to admit that he posted Gossip Girl's database to the Spectator. He's getting progressively more stupid and crazy by the day. His entire point was that Blair's crew of friends was untrustworthy but when its pointed out that his sister was the one who sent the paternity tip to GG, he just shrugs his shoulders and pretty much says, "So what?" Of course none of it is really about the database, it's all about who is the real father of Blair's baby. Wouldn't it jsut be a perfect setup if it was actually Chuck's? What was I saying about chicks on TV getting pregnant?

Teh chicanery wasn't as awful in this episode as it was the last but too much of it still seems way too fanciful to swallow. OK episode, nothing special and nothing that's exciting me in lieu of future viewings.

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