Thursday, 17 November 2011

Person of Interest - S1 E8 - Foe

Reese and Finch attempt to halt a former Stassi agent's revenge spree.

Review, minor spoilers after the jump.

Oof, a really terrible episode here on many levels. First of all I can't believe they allowed there to be an episode where Charles Widmore guest-starring and he didn't exchange any words with Finch. I was banking on it, it would've made my day. Second, what the hell was up with Alan Dale's stupid accent? Overall, his performance was flat and really noticeably awful. I have a suspicion there were numerous characters in this episode faking a German accent, it was really distracting.

The main problem with the episode is that it moved way too fast and far too many things were going on. we were going ping! Ping! Ping! From one scenario to the next with no opportunity to take in the setting or digest the exposition. Not a good job plotting. Then more minor issues, Detective Fusco looks really awkward holding a gun, he's so tiny and he can barely move his arms. Detective Carter continues to be irrelevant. The sole interesting part was Reese's flashback to his apparent induction as a spy and the connection he retains, the sole light in his heart for the woman he loves from his past. They tried to tie that story in parallel to Alan Dale's character. it didn't work because this episode sucked.

"Person of Interest" airs Thursdays on CBS at 9:00pm EST

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