Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ringer - S1 E8 - Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead

Bridget and Andrew deal with the aftermath of her supposed miscarriage. Malcolm attempts to contact Bridget but comes up against a wall of Siobahn instead. Juliet may like her teacher a little too much.

Spoilers after the jump.

She's ruining everything! It was all pretty quiet on the Siobahn front, but all that gets blown out this wek after her benefactor in Paris is summoned to New York for a meeting with Andrew. He meets Bridget, assumes she's Siobahn (Or Cora or whatever she's calling herself) and hi-jinks ensue. Foolishly, Siobahn later pretends to be Bridget and it all goes horribly wrong. It's less confusing than it sounds. These little snatches of realSiobahn are very frustrating. When will we get some real movement there?

It can't be too far off. It turns out that Bridget's new sponsor Charlie works for Siobahn. How she knows him or how he knew where to find Bridget and numerous other questions are making my head explode because none of it makes sense. I'm not sure the writers know what they're doing. No one likes being straight up on this show and all the shenanigans and half-truths flying around are ruining everyones peace of mind.

Malcolm has a hard time admitting the treatment he received from Bodaway and Bridget doesn't really understand one way or another. I guess we're supposed to believe that there is still a romance brewing between them. She eased so easily into her sister's life, but we had to know that the ho that led her down the wrong path to begin was still alive in there somewhere. Nothing has happened yet apart from meaningful glances and i'd hope they'd be smart enough to resist the urges with Andrew and Juliet in close proximity not to mention Machado spying on them.

As predicted, she is able to explain away the lack of baby as a miscarriage, a surprisingly satisfactory conclusion to that particular story, though Siobahn will presumably be showing up at season's end with a sprog in tow. She's able to engender healthy support from Juliet, who is probably not used to kind of interest shown in her from Shivette but Andrew throws a tantrum after overhearing Bridget say she probably wouldn't try for another baby. What on earth possessed her to make such a definitive statement? Just say, "I don't know". You're recovering from a traumatic experience, everyone will be happy with that.

Poor Logan Echolls, he is trying to do the right thing but it seems as though Juliet might try and go all Fatal Attraction. At least she is staying out of trouble. She related her trust fund problems to him and its clear he couldn't care less, but her hormones are clouding her vision. He doesn't seem like a stupid guy, let's hope he doesn't succumb to her feminine wiles.

Strange episode, too much Malcolm for my taste. Maybe I've been watching too much Gossip Girl, but he doesn't really seem to fit in with the spirit of the show as far as the New York scene goes. The prior episode was all about set-up, but the pay-off wasn't quite there in this one.

"Ringer" airs Tuesdays on the CW at 9:00 pm EST.

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