Thursday, 17 November 2011

NCAA College Football Picks Week 12

With all the discombobulation this week, I didn't prepare anything to write as precursor to my college picks so instead we'll talk about women.

Women! I don't understand them. It's a cliche sure but I swear if they wouldn't lie so damn much about what they really want and how they really feel, things would be a damn sight easier. I don't consider myself for example to be a particularly evasive or choosy guy. For all the women out there waiting for that perfect match, c'mon it's probably not gonna happen. For all you women out there digging for better financial and living situations rather than being with someone who takes care of you and loves you and respects you and all that comes with you, sure I get it but you pretty much disgust me. For all the ones out there who stick a violent or otherwise lousy guy because you're addicted to him like a drug, I'm sorry for you and wish you would allow yourselves to be rescued.

I better end this before it gets labeled misogynistic and i get in even more trouble than a Penn State administrator. Too soon?

Picks after the jump.

Week Twelve
Home Team listed second in CAPS
vs = Neutral Site game
(*) = Line Differential
[*] = National Ranking

North Carolina (+10.5) at [9] Virginia Tech
[17] Nebraska (+3.5) at [20] Michigan
Cincinnati (-3) at Rutgers
Miami (-1) at South Florida
[21] Penn State (+6.5) at Ohio State
SMU (+19.5) at [11] Houston
Louisiana Tech (+7) at Nevada
[5] Oklahoma (-15) at [25] Baylor
[16] Kansas State (+9.5) at Texas
[18] USC (+15) at [4] Oregon

Chris picks: Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Miami, Penn State, SMU, Nevada, Baylor, Texas, OREGON

I pick: Virginia Tech, Michigan, Rutgers, Miami, Ohio State, Houston, Nevada, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Oregon

You have to admire Virginia Tech's consistency, the most consecutive 10 win seasons in the nation, but no one ever talks much about them because they can't beat down their opponents when people are watching in closely. I thought they would rampage and they only won by 3. Careless. Michigan's home advantage should see them through over Nebraska. i think I picked a lot of chalk this week. I'll go with the home team in the big Big East matchup, despite the fact Cincinnati is starting a dude named Munchie Leguax at QB. Say Whaa?

Miami is so inconsistent, I picked them to win this and they really should but they'll probably get blown out by 20. Ohio State is another team that can't figure itself out but I'll just go with them in this spot at home. PSU played well last week, but the week after the big scandal breaks is usually when the letdown comes. Houston and Nevada should roll, those games aren't particularly interesting.

Baylor is somehow ranked despite being the Big 12 equivalent of the Carolina Panthers - their QB puts up a mess of stats but they always lose. They're gonna get killed by Oklahoma. Texas is not beating anyone by 10 points, no way. Easy money. In the late game, we saw how badly Oregon beat Stanford away from home. in Autzen, a game that Chris tragically won't be attending, I don't envision USC staying close.

Last Week:
Chris: 4-5-1
Me: 7-2-1

Chris: 40-68-2
Me: 57-51-2

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