Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How I Met Your Mother - S7 E9 - Disaster Averted

The gang recall the events of Hurricane Irene last year for the benefit of Kevin.Barney tries to cut a deal with marshall and lily to escape wearing the ducky tie.

Spoilers after the jump.

So, Boogieboarding...
Kevin is introduced (again) to the wayward style Ted has of telling stories of past. It would be simple enough to merely point out that after the hurricane, Marshall felt so joyful he did a dumb thing with a large tray, but Ted has to get his feelings out about everything that happened, and why not? Once again, it starts with no one respecting his opinion and learned expertise. He is mocked for heeding so closely the advice of his mother, but in reality, they all do bow to the will of their parents.

The one guy who normally would, Marshall, is having problems of his own, paranoid over his lack of medical insurance. He has visions of being attacked by a bear in the streets - I'm surprised it wasn't Sasquatch, though admittedly he lives in the Pacific Northwest. They had to pull some interesting camera and setting tricks to make the bear seem bigger than Jason Segel. Lily is unhappy with him for clinging to her, but I think it's wise to be on the lookout.

It probably shouldn't have taken Kevin's insight to realize that Barney was up to something wanting the tie off now - the gang should be used to his tricks by now. With the truth out and his leverage busted, Barney ends up caving far too easily, awarding three extra slaps to Marshall, and considering he had been baiting him all night, like a man poking a bear with a stick, he's gloriously given back two right there. Perhaps he's right, a change in the way he makes life decisions might be in order.

That other thing

That last scene ruined what was otherwise a great episode. This is a bit tough on my part, but there wasn't really a sense of the magnitude of the storm either - golf weather as Robin proudly proclaims.

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