Thursday, 17 November 2011

NFL Picks Week Eleven sponsored by Studio Yukupo

I meant to do this last week, but forgot, I have a question - with it all being assured that the Colts will end up with the first pick, select Andrew luck and trade Peyton Manning, where will he end up? No fear! I have the answer in ascending likelihood. He's not interested in being a mentor to some younger QB so we can rule out Jacksonville, etc and focus on teams without long-term solutions.

Seattle Seahawks: Highly unlikely, but a dude can dream, right?

Cleveland Browns: Again, highly unlikely but it is within driving distance of Indianapolis. I have a feeling he'd prefer to go somewhere where there's a chance of winning.

NY Jets: They have Mark Sanchez but reputedly, there's a rift between him and Rex and a general power struggle. He is a guy holding them back and I wonder if Manning were to appear on the block, don't you think the Jets would put in a speculative bid?

Kansas City Chiefs: This works on the premise that they continue to fall apart and Todd Haley gets the bullet. With him gone, you can safely bomb out Cassel without too many fears of reprisal, you get all your nice defensive pieces like Berry back, contend next year and give some more reflected glow to Pioli.

Miami Dolphins: With a high draft pick they might pick Barkley, but the defense is pretty good already. If they took Blackmon with their top pick instead and flipped the 2013 pick for Manning, couldn't you see them contending in the AFC East next year? Yes, this is all very short-term thinking but desperate teams make for desperate measures.

San Francisco 49ers: If Alex Smith continues to make strides this might be a moot point, but they're ready to win, have picks to spare and Harbaugh and Peyton may have a little of that Colts camaraderie. Kaepernick is not a factor because he was only a second round pick and he's not that good anyway.

Washington Redskins: I don't know why I even bothered considering the rest of these teams, there is no way Dan Snyder could resist this one. The guy never learns and I'm sure Shanahan would be eager to have on board the guy who destroyed him over and over.

Picks after the jump.

Home Team listed in CAPS
(*) = Line Differential

Jets (-6.5) at BRONCOS
Titans (+6) at FALCONS
Bengals (+7) at RAVENS
Jaguars (-1) at BROWNS
Bills (+1.5) at DOLPHINS
Buccaneers (+14) at PACKERS
Raiders (-1) at VIKINGS
Panthers (-7) at LIONS
Seahawks (-3) at RAMS
Cowboys (-7.5) at REDSKINS
Chargers (+3.5) at BEARS
Cardinals (+9.5) at 49ERS
Eagles (+6) at GIANTS
Chiefs (+15) at PATRIOTS

Chris picks: Broncos, Titans, Ravens, Jaguars, Dolphins, Packers, Raiders, Lions, Seahawks, Cowboys, Bears, 49ers, Eagles, Patriots

I pick: Broncos, Falcons, Bengals, Jaguars, Bills, Packers, Raiders, Lions, Rams, Cowboys, Bears, 49ers, Giants, Patriots

Earlier in the week, that Jets-Broncos line was more reasonable; at 4 I would have taken the Jets but once you get to a touchdown, picking a team going cross-country on a Thursday is a bridge too far. Have I mentioned before how much I hate non-Thanksgiving Thursday games? In the dome I always like Atlanta. Last week was unfortunate, but Tennessee doesn't have the same pedigree. Last week was also a tough loss for the Bengals but they acquitted themselves decently and I think they can go into whatever they call Baltimore's stadium these days and stun them.

There's still nothing impressive about the Browns and while Jacksonville is winning no pageants, I like them to eke out a close one. The Dolphins have played a little better of late but they're still bad at home and Buffalo I hope would be able to right the ship and come out with a win. There's no way you can take the Buccs after the past few terrible performances so there's no option but to take the Packers at home. The Vikings embarrassed themselves on Monday Night. Oakland is a different kind of team but I'm not sure Minnesota is mentally ready for these games.

Stats are for losers like Cam Newton. The Lions have trouble with superior teams but they should be able to demolish these crappy ones at home. I liked the Seahawks earlier in the week but now half their line is gone, which has what has undone them the past several years. Take the Rams but root for the hawks. I really wanted to take the Redskins against the Cowboys but they've been so putrid lately it's not advisable. I think there's some potential for a San Diego rebound but at 3.5 I have to like the Bears, rolling at home. Rivers should be good for a couple of picks in that game.

Picking against he 49ers last week went against my better judgment, that won't be repeated here. The Cardinals pulled the upset on the road but the Eagles are not as good as anyone thought. That's why the Giants are gonna kill them, unless Kafka plays. If Vick or Vince Young is in there, it's all over. On Monday Night, the Chiefs got some good news, it looks like Matt Cassel will be out, but these Monday nighters have been laughers lately. The pats should be able to move the ball and win comfortably.

Last Week:
Chris: 7-9
Me: 10-6

Chris: 72-68-6
Me: 78-62-6

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