Thursday, 6 October 2011

Community - S1 E3 - Competitive Ecology

Mr. Omar forces his class into pairs for thei biology class leading to internal strife in the group.

Spoilers after the jump.

1 - Coin operated drinking fountain - ingenius!

3 - Wait... if you guys partner up, there's still one left out.

4 - Ben Chang - noire detetive

5 - 'The kind of arms that have elbows'

6 - 'Sugar is baby meth'

7 - What is a turtle doing at Greendale?

8 - (Newcomer Todd carries the captured turtle in a bucket) That poor turtle! This Todd guy must be mean.

9 - Or not. Is Todd a mormon? He's too nice.

10 - 'I need answers like a fish needs a bicycle - A lot.'

11 - (Shirley is outed as least popular in an anonymous vote) That's how I see it too, Shirley.

14 - 'If loving worms is stupid, I dont wanna be smart!'

15 - That's right - he named his leg Veronica.

Not the turtle!

17 - Omar, he don't get how it works around here.

He was in prison - of course.

19 - Actually, it is kinda funny.

20 - They are the mean clique for sure.

21 - Psych!

Another good episode, a simple theme in this one - the ability of the group to focus all their internal negativity into a planet destroying beam and aim it at a particular person. Poor Todd, his will broken and dreams shattered by his brief inclusion - he still shows up to class at the end though, presumably partnerless. I'm not sure why Troy was so adamant at wanting Britta as a lab partner - I hope we don't get a resumption of that story thread. Now that Chang is the head security guard, he can go looking for conspiracies unhindered - and may just find one with the dean of the air conditioning repair school. Jeff was a devious lawyer once, wasn't he supposed to have taken a part-time job at his old firm? I'm sure he knows a lot of people, unlike what Annie seems to think.

"Community" airs Thursdays on NBC at 8:00pm EST

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