Friday, 28 October 2011

Community - S3 E5 - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

After Britta processes the groups anonymous psych tests and determines that one of them is a sociopath, she and Jeff sit everyone down to tell scary stories to root them out.

Spoilers after the jump.

1 - Jeff's philosophy is awesome

Extreme personality - It must be Jeff or Britta. Pierce would be too obvious.

2 - Is being Britta'd like being Clemson'd?

3 - Britta's subconscious?

4 - I guess she suspects Abed, entirely logical.

5 - He's verly genre-savvy.

6 - The shipteasing is getting cruel at this point.

7 - Wow, that is a scary story, and yet also awesome.

8 - Hah, nice twist. Repressed bitterness there?

10 - (Troy and Abed are sewn together) They'll end up enjoying this.

12 - See, he's not racist, he's fantasizing about Shirley.

(Pierce unzips his pants and knocks out Troy) Hah, what a weird ending.

14 - Ok, Shirley's story is definitely the scariest so far.

15 - That story wasn't personal at all.

18 - Hah, that's sweet - nice use of available characters.

Great episode. It's funny consdering that Abed is the only one who's had an actual mental breakdown that his real test would be the cleanest of them all - of course, it's also reasonable to assume he is so genre-savvy with tests that he knew how to fake it too, or was filling it out half-assed like Jeff. The subconscious feelings revealed in the stories were nothing really new, let's hope some of those relationships get developed moving forward. I loved Chang's one appearance - too bad he can't get hugged like that in real life.

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