Thursday, 13 October 2011

Community - S7 E4 - Remedial Chaos Theory

Troy and Abed invite the group to their new apartment for a housewarming, resulting in a a slew of alternate realities.

Spoilers after the jump.

1 - No one like Shirley?

1 - Definitely overselling, eek.

2 - Someone needs to make a real Single Malt Platinum Booze and Billiards Club so I can be there.

3 - Of course he is creating 6 different timelines, it's the only logical explanation.

4 - She doesnt seem like the kind to support gun rights.

5 - Dragging Jeff off to the bathroom alone, eh?

6 - Shipteasing yet again.

8 - Those are Gentleman Cigarettes.

9 - Hmmmmmmmmmmm

(Abed asks about the different timelines but no one cares) Troy is supposed to care!

10 - (Pierce has an off-color anecdote) Thank god he was interrupted this time

11 - So that's why she has a gun.

This is obviously the non-existent timeline.

12 - Britta must try and sing like that a lot.

13 - Wow man
(The chaos part of the title kicks into play)
Man, that's amazing.

14 - Abed should've gone in the first place, he's the one who ordered the pizza.

I knew those weren't regular cigarettes she was smoking!

15 - Man, Dan Harmon is such a dick.

17 - C'mon show, don't cop out on me now.

18 - (Jeff asks, "See what happens when I leave the room?") A whole bed of lies, Jeff.

Harmon has talked about this being the season of Jeff, returning the focus to him after it wavered last season. I feel like we've seen the Jeff has to become a more open guy a million times before, but Joel McHale is awesome so I'm willing to let it slide in exchange for more of the character. While the perceived best outcome occurs while he is out of the room, it also feels like the falsest - none of the whispered truths and feelings are revealed in that period of time. Presumably, the powder has to be kept dry for future storylines. Otherwise, it was a fantastic episode, one of the best.

"Community" airs Thursdays on NBC at 8:00pm EST

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